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Explain The Dillema A Christian Mother Faces When She Discovers She Is Pregnant With A Child She Does'nt Want

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Explain the dilemma a Christian mother faces when she realises she is pregnant with a child she doesn't want In today's society unwanted pregnancies are commonplace; most people have heard speculation and most people have formed their own opinions. Although many of us may not associate as a dilemma for a typical Christian woman, the amount of Christian couples who live together outside a marriage is at its highest. Most people today have sexual relationships outside marriage, this widely accepted and many following Christians choose it over marriage. Christians believe that children should be born inside of wedlock. This obviously will bring problems, if Christian women are having sexual relationships outside marriage and fall pregnant. Their reasons for not wanting a child may vary, the relationship may be casual, and they may be at university or trying to commit to a career. Whatever their reasons, if a mother does not want to go through with a pregnancy or raising a baby, they are not obligated to by law. ...read more.


Adoption is a second choice. The expectant mother may feel it is the best thing to do; she isn't harming the child, but offering it to a family where it can be loved and brought up in a good environment, the chance she cannot offer it. However this may cause problems inside her family, they may not agree with her putting it up for adoption, or she may feel attachment towards it. She should be sure before she makes a decision. The last and most controversial option is abortion. In Britain a woman can legally terminate a pregnancy up until the 24th week. Although it's allowed and widely accepted, it will most definitely raise strong moral questions for the mother. Her faith is not the only thing she'll be considering. This could be one of the toughest decisions she'll ever make, to kill a living being that is part of her isn't something she'll jump into lightly. There are several methods of abortion, one which involves her giving birth to a dead baby. ...read more.


They also believe to ability to control the fate of a child is an awesome power which we should never abuse. The gift of life is a precious thing, to be treated with respect and reverence. They accept abortion if it threatens the emotional or physical well being of the mother. The see abortion as a last resort. As something they only consider after long talks, prayer and reflection. Furthermore they believe any woman who has to endure this ordeal should be offered help and counselling. Another factor which affects a Christian's belief on abortion is the Doctrine of Double Effect. This is the idea that if an action is taken to achieve one effect knowing that is will produce another that you cannot be blamed for the second effect occurring. Many protestant denominations, such as Anglicans, Methodists and Quakers have been reluctant to draw a hard line as catholic do in the abortion debate. They often accept that there are certain situations where abortions are an unavoidable consequence of deciding between the 'lesser of two evils' (E.g. accepting that a woman who becomes pregnant after being raped may want an abortion). This is known as situation ethics. ...read more.

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