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Explain the importance of a Gurdwara in the life of a Sikh today.

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Explain the importance of a Gurdwara in the life of a Sikh today. The Gurdwara is the Sikh place of worship. Gurdwara means 'the doorway to the Guru'. A Gurdwara has three main functions, these are: * Religious importance * Social importance and * Emotional importance In this section I will be writing about the three main functions of a Gurdwara and its importance to a Sikh today. Religious importance Sikhs believe in only one God. In a Gurdwara they can be in a room with God, thank God e.g. for a baby and sing to God. Basically they go to be close to God. This is a sign of respect and is a Sikh tradition. Sikhs respect the holy book the Guru Granth Sahib, as it is to the last of the Gurus, they show respect by: a Chauri (fan), a palki, dais (type of throne), a Manji sahib (a small bed) ...read more.


A Gurdwara is also a place to celebrate rites of passage including birth, marriage and funeral services, this is to do them in front of God and the Guru as it shows respect to all. Sikhs can demonstrate SEWA, which is a religious duty by attending the Gurdwara, there are 3 types of SEWA, they are: * Tan- physical- service to the community e.g. working in the Langar, helping to build and physically maintain a Gurdwara, * Man- mental- service to the Guru e.g. studying and helping others to understand the teaching of the Gurus expressed through the Guru Granth Sahib, * Dhan- material- service to humanity e.g. giving money Festivals such as Baisakhi and divali are celebrated in the Gurdwara. ...read more.


The Gurdwara is a place of hospitality, e.g. the hungry can find a meal in the Langar. This helps Sikhs demonstrate SEWA. Educational importance A gurdwara is a place to learn about God, the Gurus and the history the religion. They learn about the importance of the holy book, teachings of the ten Gurus, so the faith can be passed on from generation to generation (father to son to their kids and so on). Sikhs can learn their language (Punjabi). Some Gurdwaras hold music lessons as music plays a huge important part to worship and the Gurdwara. The children can seek advice about social and religious issues from the granthi (a person who reads from the holy book). A gurdwara may contain a library that can help those learn about the religion. ...read more.

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