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Explain the meaning and significance of Baptism for Christians today?

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Sarah Hurworth Explain the meaning and significance of Baptism for Christians today? Although some Christians today do not agree when and how to baptize they do agree that is a very important part of our relationship with God and our everyday lives. When a child is baptized he or she automatically becomes a member of a loving Christian community. This community helps us all through our live and it is all because of their kindness and good nature given to them by the grace of God through their baptism. During Baptism the child's baptismal promises are made for them by their parents, this also gives the congregation the chance to renew theirs, showing that they profess their faith and reject Satan. ...read more.


Another example would be receiving the Last rites when you are seriously ill or dying. This allows you to gain salvation and repent for your sins one last time so that you will obtain eternal life with God in heaven. Believer's baptism affects Baptists in many of the same ways. Those who receive a Believers baptism are already active Christians beforehand and so it is a significant part of their lives in that it is the sign that they are true Christians. By being baptized as an adult they are publicly showing that they love God, have repented for their sins and understand what being a Christian means. In the same way as before this helps relieve the guilt for anything they may have done wrong in their past. ...read more.


The Oil of baptism is rubbed on the breast of the baby to strengthen and prepare it for the fight ahead. Oil of Chrism is rubbed on the crown of the head and is a sign of sealing with the gifts of the Holy Spirit. The candles in baptism symbolize Christ, the light of the world. The baptismal candle is lit from the paschal candle, which stands near the altar at Easter as a sign of the risen Christ. The baptismal candle reminds us that the light of Christ has entered the child's life; and its flame symbolizes the flame of faith, which will burn through the life of the child. I feel that baptism is the most important of any of the sacraments and very significant in our lives as Christians. It helps us to develop morals through both our faith and through the example of other Christians. ...read more.

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