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Explain the Meaning and Significance of Baptism for Christians Today

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Explain the Meaning and Significance of Baptism for Christians Today There are different types of baptism and different churches carry out the procedure in different ways. The Orthodox and Catholic Church baptise as infants, whereas the Methodist, Baptist and Pentecostal Church baptise as adults. Most Christian traditions encourage baptism. It is seen and thought of as a way of entering God's family and joining the Christian faith. It is also seen as important because when water is poured over a babies head or an adult is immersed, it is showing that their sins are being washed away and people are baptised into the death of Jesus - meaning that a Christian shares in death and resurrection of Jesus by dying to sin and rising to new life as a Christian. Baptism is an outer sign of inner change. ...read more.


When Jesus was baptised in the river Jordan it was the start of his vocation, from the day he was baptised he started to spread the word of God. There are several reasons for baptism, many of which come from the Bible. Quotes such as Mark 1:4 'John appeared in the desert baptising and preaching. "Turn away from your sins and be baptised," he told the people "and God will forgive your sins." are what convincing people into getting baptised. From the forgiveness of sins people are given a second chance in life. This then gives an opportunity to start from scratch and follow what God asks of them. Another reason for baptism is to receive everlasting / eternal life. Through forgiveness of sins, we are granted a place in Heaven and will forever remain with God in his Kingdom. ...read more.


The reason that this would encourage baptism to Christians today is because just as Jesus was a messenger we can follow in his footsteps once more and also be messengers. Some people choose to get baptised around the time of Easter. The reason for this is because it is the start of a new church year so it is like beginning the year again with a new life. Finally, the meaning and significance of baptism for Christians today would be that it unites a Christian with other worshippers. This allows the individual to be part of a community. This community is not only special because people with the same beliefs get to talk to each other and discuss interests but it is a community that has gone on for hundreds of years with dedication to God, and through getting baptised that person can also be part of history that will hopefully remain forever. ?? ?? ?? ?? G.C.S.E RE Coursework - Question 1 ...read more.

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