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Explain the meaning and significance of baptism for christians today.

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Explain the meaning and significance of baptism for christians today Baptism is a sacred action in which the Christian community comes together to celebrate. This sacrament is a symbol of God's care for us, and by carrying it out we bring ourselves together closer to the Lord. During Baptism, we are received into the church. Baptism is important as it represents a death to the old sinful life and a rise to a new life as a Christian. Water is used to cleanse and during Baptism, an infant is cleansed of original sin or a believer is cleansed of personal sin. In addition, the submersion in water represents Jesus' own death and resurrection. ...read more.


By being baptized as an adult they are publicly showing that they love God, have repented for their sins and understand what being a Christian means. They are allowing the grace of god to enter their lives which means that they are prepared to give up everything and put religion and God First. In the same way as before this helps relieve the guilt for anything they may have done wrong in their past. A Believers baptism is the outward sign of their faith and they must continue that until they are called by God to Heaven. Infant and believers baptism are both as important to many Christians. Most Christians would not argue against infant or believers baptism as long as that person got baptized either way For an ...read more.


The symbols of baptism are not restricted to one day. Your parents promised to bring you up in the faith, so that should be continued on through life. The fire of a candle in baptism reminds us to let the light of Christ shine through. It symbolizes Christ's love. When the Baptismal candle is lit from the Paschal; the Parents are asked to keep the flame burning in the child's heart by praying with them and by taking them to mass so that when the child grows up he can be an example to others by living a life of generosity and mercy like Jesus. Word Count: 525 ...read more.

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