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Explain the meaning and significance of Hajj for a Muslim

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Explain the meaning and significance of Hajj for a Muslim When Muslims do Hajj they are following the example of the Prophet Muhammad and the peoples of his time. People have always done Hajj in Makkah but Muhammad brought Islam back to it and made Hajj how god intended it (like it was in the times of Ibrahim, Adam and Eve). Muhammad had set a perfect example for all Muslims and today they will do the same as Muhammad did. Because Muslims believe you follow Islam perfectly like Muhammad did then you will be accepted through the gates of heaven. A Muslim will do the Ihram firstly because of the example of Muhammad and because it's God's will. Muslims put on the white garments of Ihram to remove the world's possessions and set free the obsession of material goods. This also helps to keep equality among the Muslims, If all people where white sheets then they have no proof of wealth or poverty. The white garments they must wear are purely white, this shows how a Muslim must focus on God and God alone. This is due to colours and patterns on other clothing may be distracting and this would prevent Muslims from being able to purely concentrate on God. White also represents purity because the colour itself is pure and if a Muslim wears white the he or she can become 'pure'. ...read more.


The Ka'bah is circled seven times because the number seven is a number that represents eternity, again this links together with God being eternal. A Muslim who touches, kisses or salutes to the Ka'bah is showing their appreciation and love towards god. Pilgrims wioll do the Sai because of Prophet Ibrahim. He was told by God to leave his wife and son in the desert where there was no water. Ibrahim's ife and son were put against a great challenge and Hajar tried to find help for her child Ismael by running between the tops of two hills, Mount Safah and Mount Marwah. Though when all help was lost the angel Jibrael appeared and cracked his wing on the sand and a spring appeared from the ground. This shows a Muslim how to be patient in life and always try to persevere even at the worst of times like Hajr had. The Sai also represents life. Running is like life and trying to find the right direction, water symbolises God the saviour, bringer and keeper of life. The water in the desert brings life and God in living things brings life. The Stand reminds pilgrims of the story of Adam and Eve when they had given into the Devil (Iblis) and his temptation of the forbidden fruit. They were thrown out of paradise, separated and wandered the Earth in loneliness and deep unhappiness. ...read more.


Hajar was asked; Don't you love your son? Doesn't Ibrahim love you? Will he not do anything you ask? How can you allow him to take the dream so seriously and kill your son? Ismael was told; Don't' you realise that your father has gone mad? He is being cruel and un-loving. You should run away and not get yourself killed like a fool. All three rejected the devil's temptations and picked up stones and drove the devil away. When they reached the place of sacrafice Ismael asked his father to place him face down so that he could not be stopped when he saw his face. Ibrahim laid his son on the altar and at the last moment God stopped Ibrahim and replaced Ismail with a ram. The rewars for Ibrahim's obedience was that his first wife gave birth to a son, Isaac. Muslims believe that if they follow God's will that they will prevail and be rewarded in the after life. This also reminds Muslims to make sacrafices for God. A Muslim collecvting 49 pebbles and stoning the Jamaras shows that they are eternally fighting evil. They stone the Jamaras seven times with seven pebbles each time over the three days they spend there. Id Ul Adha is when they clebrate and have a great feast is represented when Ibrahim replaced his son with a ram. It also shows great happiness and excitement God can bring. Also the sacrifice will remind Muslims that they have to continue to sacrifice themselves and their goods for God to enter the kingdom of heaven. ...read more.

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