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Explain the meaning and significance of Sabbath worship for Christians today.

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Name: Danielle Carolan Candidate number: School: BUCHS Centre number: 16127 Date completed: 8th October Question 2. Explain the meaning and significance of Sabbath worship for Christians today. All Christians believe the commandment "To keep Sunday holy". This is why every Sunday, Christians gather together to worship God. They believe that God wants them to come together regularly and worship or give God honour and praise as a group or community. However, different Christian denominations observe Sunday differently with regards to the meaning and significance. There are three main kinds. The first kind is 'liturgical worship' and is celebrated by Roman Catholics, Eastern Orthodox, Church of England and Lutherans. These Christians see the Eucharist as central to their act of worship and faith and they celebrate it every Sunday and often during the week. ...read more.


The altar is central to this kind of worship, the bread and wine are unleavened and the priest is ordained and wears vestments. At the end of the mass, the worshippers are sent too love and serve the lord, which means their lives are affected in the way that Christ is a part of their lives and they are sharing this by putting other people before themselves. The second kind of worship is pulpit-centred and is celebrated by groups like Methodists and Congregationalists. This is a longer sermon and a very prominent pulpit, with more Bible readings and less communion services than the liturgical worship. They believe that God is speaking to his people telling them how to live their lives through the bible. ...read more.


This is not Eucharist based but spiritual based (hence the name). There are no priests, few communion services (none at all for the Quakers) - although the Bible may be read and the elders of one church lead the service. Another example is the Pentecostals. They wait for Gods spirit to move in their group; through songs, readings from the Bible and gifts of Gods spirit like prophecy, healing, tongues and knowledge. In conclusion, we can see that different denominations have different ways of worshipping with different significance's and meanings. The three different types of groups all centre on different aspects of the Christians faith. However, all Christians come together in their communities on Sundays to worship and give thanks to God, observing the forth commandment and keeping the day holy. ...read more.

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