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Explain the meaning of discipleship.

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Name: Claire Woodfield Candidate number: 9193 Centre: Bishop Ullathorne R.C School Centre number: 20414 Assignment: Discipleship. AO1 The word disciple means a learner, this does not mean learning out of a textbook, but putting into practice the things that they learn. Jesus is the disciple's teacher and is our teacher today in the modern day world because it is from his teachings that we all learn. Everyone in the Christian church is classed as a disciple today because Christians believe that the church is the body of Christ, and in a way everyone in that body (church) are to be called disciples of Jesus and they should preach his message of repentance, faith and reconciliation and they should continue to fight against evil. Jesus chose twelve disciples to be his companions, to preach and cast out demons. But he chose twelve specifically because they were to represent the twelve tribes of Israel. Jacob had twelve sons and each one of them represented a tribe of Israel. Jesus seemed to be following what Jacob had done. They were now to be Jesus' companions in the new Israel. The disciples were each different in many ways and this shows the nature of discipleship, because Jesus did not pick wealthy or necessarily popular people, or even people who would get on with each other. Like Simon who was a Zealot and Matthew who was a tax collector, Zealots did not like tax collectors so this would mean that they would not like each other, but in the end they worked together and got along. This shows that Jesus loved everyone equally and hated nobody. ...read more.


In the same way disciples of Jesus today try to carry out the same work, by preaching the Gospel, caring for the sick, feeding the hungry and fighting against evil and injustice wherever it is found. Many people today preach the gospel, like priests and nuns in churches and at mass. Some people try to get other people to come to mass to find out more about God. Many people care for the sick, it is a part of everyday life because somebody is always ill, and Mother Teresa cared for the sick in many different countries. There are always people starving in the world and people who are just throwing food away. Many charities in the world, for example Christian Aid, Cafod- try to raise money for those people who lacking basic needs, which include food and water. Many Christians give money to charity and the charity then gives to those who need it. So in a way we are all helping those who are starving or ill. Martin Luther King is an example of someone whose life has been affected by their Christian faith. He spoke out about racism and injustice in the world and tried to fight the battle saying that everyone is equal. Some Christians try do all of these things in there area by helping those who are sick or giving to charity, but there are some people who go to different countries to carry this sort of work, also some people help others in a special way because God has called them to be like missionaries. In the same way people are called to the priesthood, or to life in a religious order. ...read more.


For me this shows that she had courage, and trusts in Mary, and believed in the visions. I feel that overall I would generally disagree with this statement because I think that once you enter into the Christian faith at an early age you become a proper Christian and as you are growing up you learn how to be more like Jesus by fully understanding Jesus' teachings. But just because you are a Christian you do not have to be a disciple as well. The disciples all learnt how to be better disciples from Jesus so children can also learn how to be more like Jesus too as they are growing up. Many children have lots of courage because they often do things others wouldn't especially adults, sometimes this can be in a bad way but it can be in a good way too. For example Peter denied knowing Jesus three times and an adult in a similar situation today would do the same but children would be more likely to say what they feel although sometimes children can be good liars. I believe that any one, any age that enters into the Christian faith by baptism is regarded as a Christian disciple because to be a disciple you have to learn as you are going along like the true disciples in Jesus' day. Although adults baptise their children and the child has no say in the matter the child will learn as it is growing up how to be more like a modern day disciple. I believe Bernadette was just an ordinary child and had a normal upbringing but she showed courage and trust in God and acted like a disciple should. ...read more.

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