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Explain the meaning of discipleship.

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Discipleship A disciple is a follower, learner, pupil and messenger. The twelve disciples were Jesus' closest followers. People today who do this are known as priests, charity workers and missionaries. They serve god in their work and preach his word around the world. Disciple is a Latin word which means 'learner'. Another word for a disciple is an apostle, which means 'messenger'. Jesus called his disciples by calling them fishers of men. Jesus did one thing at the start of his mission and that was, he chose men from his followers to be his disciples. They were three main reasons why they were called and they were; * To be trained for the task of sharing in Jesus' mission * To be the first ones to continue Jesus' mission after he had gone * To be the first group of followers who would bring others into the community. Jesus called upon four fishermen to drop what they are doing and follow him. As Jesus walked along the Sea of Galilee, he saw Simon and his brother Andrew casting a net into the lake, for they were fishermen. ...read more.


It was important to realize that Jesus is not teaching that each and every person who follows him must give up all he or she possesses in order to become a disciple. What he is saying is that discipleship is a matter of total commitment that involves demands. The demand may vary according to the person. Peter and the others had to give up the fishing boat and Levi his position as a tax collector. For some people it has been the giving up family, parents or friends. For others it has meant giving up the security of a home in order to serve Jesus in foreign countries as missionaries, priests, doctors or teachers. The sacrifices made by people to become disciples are endless. Even though there are some sacrifices to make, the rewards outweigh them. The rewards of DISCIPLESHIP 1) A person relationship with God that enriches our lives. 2) A real family that shares in our faith and is a support and source of love and fellowship. 3) A faith that will strengthen us to face the challenge of daily life and the demands of modern world. ...read more.


Although few suffer martyrdom, disciples today do suffer for being a true follower, mainly through enduring Ridicule- People might mock and insult you when you are trying to tell them of the good news. Rejection- friends and acquaintances might turn away from and ostracize you, no longer seeking your friendship. Humiliation- People might laugh at you and belittle you because of what your saying Isolation- You might feel isolated and alone because other people do not want to hear about Jesus and his teaching. Just like disciples in the time of Jesus where rewarded, so to can disciples today expect payment which he refuses through a remarkable promise made in Mark Chapter 10: There is no one who has given up home, brother or sisters, mother, father or children, or land for my sake and the gospel, who will not receive in this age a hundred times such as much-houses, brothers and sisters, mothers, fathers, children, and land-and persecutions besides; and in the age to come eternal life. (10:29-30) This promise can be fulfilled in the fellowship the disciple finds in the church, which is the family of god. This fellowship will be rewarded at the end of time through eternal life in heaven with their heavenly saviour. ...read more.

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