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Explain the meaning of discipleship.

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Discipleship AOi A Christian disciple is one who follows the way and teachings of Jesus. Mark demonstrated to his own community the way of a disciple of Jesus. Mark chose incidents From the work of Jesus which would help people appreciate what it meant to be a true Christian in Jesus' time. Mark also demonstrates that Jesus only asked his disciples to do things that he himself would do. Being a disciple of Jesus involved making great sacrifices. Being a disciple involved great joy but also immense distress at times. Before embarking on discipleship, Jesus said to his followers, "Take up your cross and follow me." This quote proved to be one of many guidelines that the disciples had to comply with. All types of people were called to discipleship. What the disciples were or how they appeared was not a factor in being accepted. The only factor for Jesus was their willingness to follow him and the faith that they placed in him. What the disciples could become was more significant for Jesus, rather than what they currently were. A prime example of this is Levi the tax collector. He was regarded as a social outcast amongst the society but Jesus still appointed him one of the disciples. Levi was accepted into the group of men as if they had no idea who he was. This was because they were all there for a common purpose, which was their faith in Jesus. ...read more.


Jesus provides us with the perfect example of discipleship. He epitomizes everything God wants us to be as disciples. He places himself last of all. He always made time for people even when it was inconvenient for him. Jesus did many things for other people that most people today wouldn't contemplate attempting. Discipleship Aoii The teaching on discipleship is that to be a true Christian disciple we must follow the way and teaching of Jesus Christ. Because there are many challenges in today's modern world it is extremely difficult to be a true Christian disciple and live our lives based on the way Jesus lived his. This is predominantly because the world today has become very materialistic, however it is still achievable in my opinion to become a true disciple as Jesus asked of us with a concoction of great commitment and effort. The call to and the cost of discipleship has not fundamentally changed from the time of Jesus. When recruiting his first disciples Jesus said, 'Take up your cross and follow me.' This is the same message on how we should live. We must listen to what is said in mass. Mass delivers the message on how we should live. We must listen to what it said in mass and then try to rein act it out in our lives. By doing this we obtain redemption from God which helps us to be a true Christian today. ...read more.


I concur with this because at baptism the child is cleansed of original sin, which from a Christian perspective we are all born with. Many people may also say that the child is too young to be a proper Christian but I conflict with this opinion because if the father and mother raise the child the appropriate Christian way, then it will have already began it course through life as a Christian. Many people argue that given the age and knowledge of discipleship the child's Christian life is limited, nonetheless within these boundaries they can begin to exercise discipleship. If the child is raised by its parents to be a Christian and live the way Jesus did, then the voyage of discipleship is already ongoing. Jesus used children as the perfect example of discipleship so I diverge with the declaration a number of people make about age being a factor. Being a Christian is a lifelong journey which we embark on after baptism. There is no stage when one person can say that they are a complete Christian. As a Christian we are persistently learning and developing our Christianity. Due to this I would state that there is no age obstruction involving any aspect of Christianity. So anybody including a new born child can be a Christian. As a final point I can see why many people would say children can't be disciples or Christians but I still believe that a child can be a Christian disciple if raised properly. Daniel McKiernan 12.G ...read more.

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