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Explain the meaning of discipleship.

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Discipleship (1C) 1. Explain the meaning of discipleship for, (a) The first disciples (b) Christians today. (32 Marks) 2. "It is not possible to be a true disciple of Jesus in the modern World." Do you agree or disagree? Give reasons for your answer, showing that you have considered more than one point of view. (8 Marks) Write no more than 1400 words on question 1. Write no more than 600 words on question 2. 1). In this essay I am going to examine the question of disciples and discipleship at the time of Jesus and today. The definition of a disciple is a follower or pupil of a leader, teacher, or philosophy. It is also defined as 'any early believer in Christ especially the Twelve Apostles' in the Oxford Dictionary. This is the general, everyday definition of a Disciple. There is also a disciple in Christian terms. A Christian definition of a disciple is 'someone who is a pupil and a follower of a teacher.' A disciple takes the teaching of his or her leader and spreads it. This proves the idea that Jesus told the Disciples, that they would become 'fishers of men.' They are followers of Jesus and their mission is to spread his teaching. ...read more.


Nowadays, to be a true follower of Jesus may result in your being rejected by your friends, or even your family. This is very painful but discipleship is very costly and you have to remember that Heaven is a priceless reward. Nuns and Monks take vows of Poverty, Chastity and obedience. Priests take vows of Chastity and obedience. As I said earlier, Nuns and Monks take a very literalism view about what Jesus meant when he said a true disciple must give up everything. Other people take the Bible and its contents liberally which means that they apply it to everyday life, such as giving money to the church (Tithes) rather than giving everything up. In Jesus' time his disciples had strengths and weaknesses just as is common to any normal human being. Peter had great leadership skills and was able to recognise by faith who Jesus was. When Jesus asked his disciples who they thought he was Peter replied "You are the Christ". The other disciples also had great strengths in that they gave up everything for Jesus and this took a lot of strength and courage. Jesus told his disciples that, "If anyone wants to be a follower of mine, let him renounce himself and take up his cross and follow me". ...read more.


They would also argue that there have been great disciples such as Mother Teresa and Martin Luthar King jnr. Another point is that Jesus did not choose his disciples with great knowledge. He chose fishermen, a zealot and a tax collector. This shows how anyone today may be a disciple as long as they are willing to follow Jesus and listen to his teaching. My opinion is as follows. I believe that it is possible to be a true disciple of Jesus in the modern world. It all depends on whether you are willing to give up everything to follow Jesus and spread his teaching. The Franciscans for example are a Roman Catholic religious order that began their work travelling around preaching the Gospel and taking nothing with them. They still wear sandals today. Today, to be a disciple you must, and are instructed to do the same as the first disciples did. You must help the sick and needy and spread the word of God. These are all possible to do in modern day society. I believe that the Bible should be taken liberally in that it should be applied to the modern world. When Jesus chose his disciples they were not chosen for what they were but for what they could become. This is true today, if you set yourself a goal then the chances are that you will succeed if you really try and are willing to make sacrifices. ...read more.

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