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Explain the meaning of discipleship for: -1) The first Christians. 2) Christians today.

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Knowledge and Understanding. Explain the meaning of discipleship for: - 1) The first Christians. 2) Christians today. In this essay, I am to characterize the meaning of discipleship, for the first Christians and for the Christians in the present day. The meaning of the word disciple is "one who embraces and assists in spreading the teachings of another." The word disciple is derived from the Latin words discipulus and discere meaning pupil and to learn. There are many differences between Christians today and the Christians 2000 years ago and their visions towards being a disciple. The very first Christians, professing belief in Christianity, were those of the remaining twelve apostles, for Judas had hung himself, and the three holy woman, Mary Magdalene, Mary the mother of James, and Salome who had come upon the empty tomb were Jesus had laid. At the beginning of Christianity, the Holy Lands were a part of the great Roman Empire. The people at that time who wished to be disciples had to do so secretly, underground. Their belief in Christianity, led to many of them being persecuted, Crucifixion was a real possibility. At the start of Jesus' vocation, he chose twelve disciples. This was very significant because twelve was the Jewish number of excellence. The men that Jesus chose were not exactly prefect. ...read more.


to the Jewish Law, but when Jesus had requested of him to "go and sell all you have and give it to the poor", gloom spread over his face. This was a truly good man that had always followed God but was unable to make the sacrifice of given up his riches. A disciple must have the attitude of servants, putting themselves last if they wish to be first. And to be great, a true disciple would find him/herself must be the slave of all. "Even the son of man did not come to be served: he came to serve and to give his life to redeem many people." Mark 10:45. James and John, two of Jesus' own apostles did not see the translation between a true disciple and his Messiah with a victorious warrior and his triumphant King. Both James and John were blind to the true spiritual mean of the title 'Messiah'. Humans are, by their very nature, weak, and all of us fail at some time in our lives. Even the Great Peter, Jesus head disciple, failed during his life especially when Jesus needed him the most. Jesus said "I tell you solemnly, this day, this very night, before the cock crows twice, you will have denied me three times." And then Peter replied, "If I have to die with you I will never disown you." ...read more.


Conditions there were deplorable, with lack of proper housing, medical aid, and sanitary conditions. Damien devoted himself entirely to the spiritual and physical care of the lepers, obtaining government aid for them and encouraging agriculture and local industry. Although he contracted leprosy in 1884, he continued his labors until his death in 1989 aged just 49 years old. This calling is still evident today. This is what the vocation means; for some it is religious orders, marriage, some work or relationships with others. On a wider basis Discipleship in the Christian church is much the same as it was in Jesus' time. Some people nowadays don't answer this call of vocations and act rather like 'the rich young man'. The danger with wealth is that it can separate a person from God. The reason for this is that if a person becomes obsessed with wealth then he has little time for God. In this essay I have outlined the crucial significance and responsibilities of discipleship for the Christians of Jesus' time and for Christians in this modern age. In a way the changes and the dangers have not changed. There are still some people who devote their life to follow God's command and to be a true disciple, but not many. I believe that that the meaning has been hosed down over the last 2000 years, and many are not making the sacrifices considered necessary. Word count: 1749 ...read more.

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