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Explain the meaning of discipleship for the first disciples

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Explain the meaning of discipleship for the first disciples The dictionary definition of a disciple is, "A person who professes to receive instructions from another; a person who follows or believes in the doctrine of another; a follower" (Collins Dictionary). In this case the disciples are following Jesus but people such as pop stars and other celebrities can also have disciples. The Gospel contains many stories that illustrate this point. The first of these I should mention is the Calling Stories. Jesus called the first of his disciples while they were mending their nets at the Lakeside (Mk 1:14-20), these disciples where Andrew, Simon, James and John. Jesus told Simon and Andrew that they were to be "fishers of men". This can be interpreted as, like a fisher fishes for fish, they too were sent out to "fish" for men to become followers of Jesus. The Calling of Levi (Mk 2:13-17) points out to us that even sinners and outcasts can become followers of Christ if that is what they truly want. ...read more.


They were not allowed to take anything on their journey except a staff. They couldn't take an extra tunic, bread, money or bag. If a family made them welcome, then they had to remain with that family until they left the area. However if they were not made welcome by a family, they were to shake the dust off their feet at the door, to show that they had no time for them, once they had turned their back on God. The conditions were made to ensure that the disciples paid complete attention to their mission and had no distractions. It may also aid the people to whom they are preaching by helping them to relate to the disciples better; therefore they would be more likely to listen to what they had to say. These conditions demonstrate the severity of the cost of discipleship. Discipleship involves leaving self behind and putting things in your life in the right order, the correct order is firstly Jesus, then others and lastly yourself. ...read more.


It is easy to make mistakes and the disciples were guilty of this. They demonstrated this is by arguing with each other over who was the greatest (Mk 9:30-37). This occurred just after Jesus explained to them that the Son of Man must suffer and die, they were obviously fighting over who was going to take Jesus' place when this happened. James and John took this one step further, they asked Jesus if they could be granted the places at his right and left side in heaven This was just like asking to be guaranteed a place in heaven without working for it. This led into Jesus explain the relation between service and greatness, "whoever wants to become great among you must be your servant and whoever wants to be greatest must be servant of all." (Mk 11:43-44). In conclusion, the first disciples had a lot to learn and also a lot to teach. "Disciples are chosen by Jesus and must be willing to suffer and die for their faith as well as to engage in the missionary enterprise." (Glazier and Hellwig- Modern Catholic Encyclopaedia) ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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