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Explain the meaning of Discipleship for - The First Disciples and Christians Today.

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Explain the meaning of Discipleship for: The First Disciples, Christians Today. A Disciple is a 'follower' or a 'pupil', in this case of Jesus. Out of the first disciples the main ones were the apostles. The first thing we notice about the apostles is that they were no-one special, just ordinary people with ordinary jobs. Immediately, as soon as they were called they did not hesitate to follow Jesus although they did not have a clue who he was. They gave up everything including their home and families and were to live with very strict rules. They could take nothing with them but a stick; they could not even take food, a pack or bag, or any money. They were allowed to wear sandals but not a second coat and if they were made welcome by another family they were to stay with them until they left the district but if they did not receive hospitality they were to shake the dust off their feet as they left. This is all to do with giving up everything to be a disciple, including possessions. It was especially hard for wealthy people as they had more to give away. The danger of wealth was that it can separate a person from God, this is because a person becomes so obsessed with riches that they have little time for God. ...read more.


Also to be a true disciple you are meant to give up possessions. It is harder today than at the time of Jesus as money has a higher role in today's society; people also have more money than in those days so there is more to give up. It is harder to live without money today, as not many people with give you something for nothing. Not all Christians are called to bear suffering, rejection and death in their discipleship. All Christians should be prepared not to care what people think although it is hard as other people's opinions make a big impression on us. They should not care about there position and should be prepared to die for Christ, although they may not have to as today most people respect other people's religions and do not persecute them for it. Not many people, particularly in this country, are killed for their faith. Jesus said that if Christians will follow him he would reward them in heaven, although today many people do not believe this and would rather have their rewards now. The disciples made the mistakes of arguing over who was the greatest, the church seem to have also made this mistake as it appears that they have ranked everyone. ...read more.


It is actually fairly easy to be a disciple today as there are plenty of places for religion, which is accepted and therefore we don't have to face death and so we can carry out our belief freely without risk. We feel that because we make mistakes that this does not make us a disciple but the first disciples made mistakes as well. The important thing is to learn from these mistakes and make sure that we do not make them again. It also makes it easier today as we feel we do not have to give everything up. There are opportunities to devote your life to God in monasteries and Convents as well. This shows us that although we are not encouraged to do this there is still the opportunity to. In Conclusion I feel that if anyone wants to be a disciple, and is committed enough then it is possible. All they need is true faith and their belief in God. If they have the will power to follow God then they will find that they can give up everything and are willing to die for their faith. It is this will power that will bring them closer to God and that will reward them greatly. ...read more.

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