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Explain the meaning of Discipleship for, the first disciples and for the Christians today.

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Religious Education Coursework - Discipleship Essay 1) Explain the meaning of Discipleship for, the first disciples and for the Christians today. The purpose of this essay is to examine the meaning of discipleship for both the first disciples and for the Christians today. It will look at how the first disciples behaved and how they acted during the times of Jesus. It will also look at a modern day disciple and aspects of their life in modern society and highlight similarities. Discipleship is derived from the Latin word 'discipulus' which means pupil. Discipleship has several different definitions, two of which are provided by Oxford Dictionary these are: "A follower of the doctrines of a teacher or a school of thought." And "One of the personal followers of Christ during his earthly life" This tends to suggest that to become a disciple of Jesus or any other important religious leader, you need to believe in and follow the teachings and examples of those leaders. The first four disciples called by Jesus were all fisher men who worked in the North of Israel by Lake Galilee. From Marks Gospel it is written how Jesus called his first two disciples who happened to be brothers, Andrew and James. Jesus said: "Come follow me and I will make u fishers of men." ...read more.


Peter had obviously not shown all the qualities a disciple should show. He failed to show commitment to Jesus, he only thought of himself and not Jesus. He believed that if he told lies he would not be harmed. The story is also important in the view that not all disciples are perfect at all times. Peter was not perfect but Jesus still forgave him for his mistake and this proved to be a valuable lesson to everyone. On another occasion two of the main disciples, James and John, came to Jesus with a very selfish request. Their request was about true greatness. They asked Jesus if both of them could sit at his left and right hand side in heaven. Here James and John were obviously asking for an important place, almost demanding special treatment. Jesus replied to this request: "Can u drink the cup I drink or be baptised with the baptism I am baptised with?" (10v38-39) James and John were confused at this response as would anyone because Jesus uses imagery to describe what he means. The cup here means the suffering and death which God the Father would soon hand out to Jesus Christ. The baptism also refers to suffering and death. Jesus would soon be baptised or submerged in suffering but James and John are confident that they would be able to share in this. ...read more.


I hope to argue in support of the question and I seek to prevent evidence of my views. What is meant by the term 'a true disciple of Jesus'? Different definitions have been offered in question 1 above but I suggest that it correct to define the term as someone who believes the following and teachings of Jesus. It is not necessary to have been alive at the time of Jesus and to have been one of the few selected by him to become a disciple. I would like to start by analysing the 'against' side of the argument. In the question that I tackled above I discussed the qualities it took to become a disciple and I did this by looking at how the disciples acted and what Jesus said. One of the qualities that I picked out was commitment. I believe that it has not changed since the times of the earliest disciples, you still need a lot of commitment, belief and strength to become a true disciple. If someone wishes to become a true disciple they need to read the Bible and take note of how the early disciple acted and how they coped under bad conditions. They also need to take note of what Jesus tells us abut becoming a good disciple. We then need to draw from these experiences and think back to them when we too are challenged. ?? ?? ?? ?? Angela Wilkinson 9 Black RE coursework - Discipleship ...read more.

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