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Explain the meaning of the word disciple and what qualities a disciple should have as referred to in mark's gospel through out three of the passages studied.

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Name: Rebecca H. Clarke Candidate number: 0021 Centre: St. Paul's school for girls Centre number: 20237 Year10 course work Discipleship Through out this piece of course work it is my intention to explain the meaning of the word disciple and what qualities a disciple should have as referred to in mark's gospel through out three of the passages studied. The following passages have been used to as support evidence in this essay: * Jesus calls four fishermen MK1: 16-20 * The widow at the treasuryMK12: 41-44 * Jesus heals the paralysed man MK2: 1-11 What is a disciple? A disciple is someone who learns by following or imitating someone they look up to normally the person is in some way of importance and authority. It comes from the Latin word 'Disco' meaning 'I learn'. There are many types of disciple because it can describe a variety of people because a disciple is anyone who learns follows or imitates their teacher master or leader. ...read more.


From this passage we learn more about disciples. It shows that a disciple is someone who follows Jesus and his ways. The most important qualities are shown in this passage because to be a disciple one must be willing to learn, to listen and to accept new ways. These four ordinary men showed great courage dedication and maturity because they didn't hesitate or question Jesus they just followed with all of their hearts. In the future they will be called upon to preach & bring people into the Kingdom of God. Like the disciples others made great sacrifices for their faith for example in the last week of Jesus' life they were at the temple in Jerusalem where Jesus and the disciples watched as rich people added lots of money to the treasury and then as an old widow put in two copper coins. Jesus surprised the disciples by saying to them "I tell you that this poor widow put more in the offering box than all the others. ...read more.


In this story Jesus is in Capernaum preaching to a crowd of people when four men arrived carrying their paralysed friend to Jesus but because of the crowd they could not get near him so instead they cut a hole in the roof and lowered him down to Jesus. Jesus could see how much faith the four men had in him so he forgave the mans sins and told him to "Get up, pick up your mat and walk" When Jesus said this some teachers of the law thought to themselves " this is blasphemy" But Jesus healed the man to the amazement of the people watching as at the same time he challenges the teachers of the law' beliefs. Like the other two passages this one tells of great courage dedication and faith in Jesus by the four men. These are truly important qualities that any disciple needs to have the men did what they had to do to get their friend to Jesus so he could be healed Jesus was their only hope and he did what he could he preformed a miracle for those men. ...read more.

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