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Explain the part pilgrimage plays in the religious life of Christians. In your answer, include reference to the two places of pilgrimage you have mentioned.

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Question 2 Explain the part pilgrimage plays in the religious life of Christians. In your answer, include reference to the two places of pilgrimage you have mentioned. Many Christians see pilgrimage as an important part in their spiritual growth and development. Some Christians also believe that pilgrimage may help them in their post-mortal journey to heaven. Christians go to church to praise the lord and give thanks to God. Serious Christians also pray at home, sometimes before and after meals, and sometimes at bedtime. The first place of pilgrimage that I have mentioned, Lourdes, attracts millions of pilgrims each year. This is because the spring that Bernadette dug in the presence of the Immaculate Conception is seen as a very important spiritual place in the world. Lourdes is also very important to Christians because Our Lady herself went there in the form of seventeen visions to Bernadette Soubirous. Some of the pilgrims that visit Lourdes are very ill people, some of whom are dying. These people may have asked able people to take them to Lourdes as a last wish. Many people believe that a dying person who visits Lourdes whilst they are ill will have a much quicker and safer journey to heaven. ...read more.


Pilgrims at Lourdes often visit places of Bernadette. These places would be where Bernadette lived, worked and played, including her home, and the stables where she cared for animals. The people that go to Lourdes to help will be able to take part in these activities, but will always be escorting a person or group depending on their circumstances. This is beneficial for both parties in the sense that in one way or another they both inspire happiness in the other. At Lourdes, there are the Stations of the Cross in the form of statues. Many people see these, and blind people can go to the statues with an escort so they can feel the statues and build a mental image of the stages through which Jesus went leading up to his death. It is possible to buy many souvenirs from Lourdes. The common examples are the small bottles in which holy water can be saved, and rosary beads. When my Uncle Andy went on a pilgrimage to Lourdes in May 1996, my Nan asked him to bring back a present for my first communion. My Uncle bought me a picture of Bernadette praying to Mary, and underneath this picture is a picture of the basilica. ...read more.


When it is really warm, the pilgrims at Taiz� will pitch tents in the fields and stay in them as opposed to the accommodation that is already there. At Taiz�, there are times for meditation. This is so the pilgrims can be at rest and attempt to find inner meaning through a peaceful and quiet way. Taiz� has a church that was built for mass. As the years went by, and more pilgrims went there, Taiz� has made numerous extensions to this church. When mass is celebrated, there may be thousands of people present, and hymns and prayers are said in many languages. Taiz� is different to Lourdes in the sense that not many disabled people make journeys there, but when disabled people do visit Taiz�, they are helped greatly by other pilgrims. The pilgrims that go to Taiz� hope that in living a life of simplicity for a week or two, that they can develop their spirituality, as well as realise that material goods are not essential to living a happy and fulfilling life. People leave Taiz� with a new sense of trust for other people that they don't know, a realisation of their inner self, a readiness to take on responsibilities in their own community, and an idea of how to make the world a better place to live in. Daniel Burgess R.E Coursework ...read more.

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