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Explain the principles that Christians believe should guide their personal relationships.

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Explain the principles that Christians believe should guide their personal relationships If we simply believed in the term 'all we need is love' many difficulties would arise. For example, you may love and care extremely to the highest for a person - yet you still give out bad advice! Not purposely but as you do not know any better. Although your advice may not distract you in anyway, it may leave your friend a lot worse off. It is never known what the right thing to do is! There are many different circumstances that may raise complex circumstances. One example being abortion! Yet Christians believe that if they are to follow Jesus they are to find this out. We may also convince ourselves into being loving, when yet we are being selfish. So although Christianity teaches us that god is love, this does not mean that as long as you love people 'anything goes'! The situation ethics is a book published in the 1960's, by a catholic American protestor by the name of Joseph Fletcher. ...read more.


Women and men may choose things to do, as Christians call this, free will. The protestant Christianity teaches that people became so tragically flawed when sin was introduced to the world that when left to themselves they will always go wrong! Gods' belief in helping is by speaking through the bible. The bible is often called 'the word of god' a more technical word for this is revelation. If a Christian wants to decide whether something is wrong or right there thoughts will be: - what has the bible got to say about this - How should what the bible says be applied today? This plays an important part of protestant life by studying the bible alone or together, Protestants Christians try to work out the way that they believe god would want them to live. The most famous moral laws are the 10 commandments. The Roman Catholic also agrees that god speaks through the bible yet they also believe that he speaks to the world through the church. This also being part of his revolution. ...read more.


The pope usually teaches the church through special letters to the church called 'encyclicals'. Therefore if a catholic would like to know the moral decision of something their question that is most likely to be asked is: "What is the teaching of the church about this?" Roman Catholic theology emphasizes that people can work something's out for themselves without needing to consult the Catholic Church, and also that original sin does not completely destroy the image of god in men and women. Concluding in the fact that some things are obviously wrong as they contradict the way that the world is made! So really is it all necessary? Can a person not ask their conscience and follow what they believe is right? Christians believe that believe in these terms but the sayings for example: "All you need is love" "Just follow your conscience" Only gets us so far! We can follow our conscience at any extent yet still believe that we are doing this for the right reasons and not know this! For this reason all Christians believe that they have a duty to find out what the right thing to do is... to have an informed conscience! ...read more.

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