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Explain the principles that Christians believe should guide their personal relationships.

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AO1; Explain the principles that Christians believe should guide their personal relationships. For Christians many ideas are set down in the Bible and Gospels on how to run their personal relationships. These are supported by the practices of their local Christian communities. The ideals to guide a relationship differ between the relationships. Mostly the principles focus on doing good and forgiveness but on occasions force or "decisive" action may be required. Throughout the Old Testament the message is about retribution or "An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth". This was running OK until Jesus came on the scene and changed the rules from retribution to forgiveness. ...read more.


Here Jesus offered the men willing to stone her the opportunity as long as it was a person without sin who threw the first stone. They all left, the oldest men first. Jesus also teaches us that to guide our relationships we should always: * Love God with all our heart, Mind and Body. * Love our neighbour as much as we love our selves. * Love your enemy. These should form the basis of our personal relationships as if we follow these commands and the Ten Commandments then we should live our lives in a somewhat peaceful state, but as we are all human then forgiveness is needed when we do slip up. ...read more.


Here we see that yes forgiveness is important but not at the price of seeing wrong continually done. Jesus taught about specific types of relationship as well. These ranged from marriage, where he spoke of no adultery and how to avoid the act through to divorce and other appropriate topics, to how many times a person should be forgiven. Nowadays living in a faithful Christian community can strengthen people's beliefs in these principles. Community faith and the aspect of forgiveness can strengthen the principles where forgiveness is required. It can also be strengthened by looking at how non-Christians react to relationship difficulty without this strength of community and faith. Marriage Coursework Name: George Johnson Candidate#: 8086 Centre#: 16439 ...read more.

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