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Explain the purpose and practice of ONE particular religious community.

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(a) (iii) - Explain the purpose and practice of ONE particular religious community The Carthusians were formed by St. Bruno in 1084; he and some friends went to live as hermits in the valley of Chartreuse. The Carthusian life hasn't changed much to this day. St. Bruno's saint day is on October 6th. The Carthusians are an extreme contemplative religious order, they are extreme because of the solitary conditions they live and pray in. They all have individual cells which are filled in such a manner as to assure the Carthusian a solitude as complete as possible while giving him the necessities of life. These homes are called a desert or hermitage. ...read more.


They speak to each other twice a week. The Carthusian can be a cloistered monk or a brother, two different ways of living the same vocation of solitude. The solitude is not lived for its own sake, but as a privileged means of attaining intimacy with God, it is a calling from God (vocation). The Carthusian day revolves around the liturgy, a group of meditations, chants, hymns, readings and prayers put together in such a way that make them relevant to the time of day and time of year, they are in union with God. First they have 'Prime', 3 hours later is 'Terce', then at the sixth hour is 'sext', 'none' at ninth. ...read more.


except the fathers. Family can visit once a year for 3 days. I think the Carthusian life is so extreme because of the way their life is so solitary and dedicated to God. They are far more focused on God than any other contemplative order. I think it is a hard and harsh life to live, but they do it to get closer to God, the solitude is not lived for its own sake, but is a privileged means of attaining intimacy with God. They are called by God to do this; this is why it is a vocation. It is a journey towards the heart and all the value of our life is shaped towards this goal. They help the monk unite his life to charity, introducing it to the depths of his heart. John Vaye ...read more.

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