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Explain the relevance of attending worship for Christians in their daily lives.

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Nadege Wallace, RE Coursework Explain the relevance of attending worship for Christians in their daily lives. Christians believe that by attending worship they will become better people and are being brought closer to God. They think that by giving up their free time for worship that they are showing God they care. Each Christian denomination has regular religious meetings for worshipping and developing their relationships with God, however each denomination has a different way of worshipping. Most Christians celebrate the service of the sacrament of Holy Communion and each denomination has a different name to describe this service. Roman Catholics call the service Mass and they are taught to attend worship every Sunday, as this is the day Jesus rose from the dead, to also attend on certain feast days and as often as possible. ...read more.


The Church of England call the service the Eucharist. Unlike Orthodox and Roman Catholics they do not believe that the bread and wine turns into the body and blood of Christ however they do believe that the spirit of God is present in the bread and wine which is why they also believe that by taking it Christ's spirit enters them. The free churches believe that it is not necessary for services to have an order or structure to them to enable them to be able to worship, which is why they tend to use a simple name such as the Lords Supper. They believe that through remembrance of Christ's death the Christian faith is strengthened and by sharing a meal the Christian fellowship is shown as the free churches service emphasise the shared meal and sacrifice of Christ. ...read more.


Worshipping can affect Christians in their daily lives for instance they may make sure they have a job which does not include working on Sundays so that they are able to go to church and it could also make them more likely to find a job that involves helping people. It could also affect their attitudes to other people and help them to see things in different ways for example they might try to be more understanding of people they are not particularly drawn to. They also have to find time to meditate and pray in their daily routine. A way in which worship could affect the older Christian is that if they had children they would want to bring them up in a Christian environment and it may also influence the choice of school for their children because they would want to find a Christian school. ...read more.

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