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Explain the religious significance of these features and furnishings for the members of the church

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Explain the religious significance of these features and furnishings for the members of the church Many furnishings and features in a church have a meaning as to why they are there. Some of these features help to remind Christians of certain things in their religion. The belfry bells are rung at many different times for different meanings, usually at weddings or funerals. The bells are rung at weddings for celebration of newly weds signifying the contract, which has been bound by their hearts and their words, to stay together forever in sickness and in health. The bells are rung in a certain way for a wedding as like a funeral. At a wedding they are joyous and uplifting, but at a funeral one solemn bell is rung to signify the passing of an individual. This is a way of announcing to the parishioners the localised happenings in the community. This is the same in all denominations. The church never had a spire before the nineteenth century, as time as we know it was not invented before then. Therefore the congregation came to church at sunset and sunrise for their services. This made people's arriving on time vary slightly as people did not know when the sun would set or rise. When clocks had been invented the parishioners found that watches and clocks were expensive so clocks were placed on the belfry tower. ...read more.


In Eastern Christian churches the separation between the altar and the rest of the church is heightened by an icon wall. In some Anglican and Roman Catholic churches they have less of separation but still more separation than a communion rail by using a rood screen. The font is used for the celbrations called christenings or baptisms. This is where a baby gets christened or a person gets baptised. The ceremonies both use the holy water which is kept in the font. The water is sprinkled on the head as a symbolic sign that someone has entered the church, and (in a christenings case) the baby's name and identity is being celbrated. The font is also by the entrance of the door, this is to remind people entering the church of the vows they have taken at their christening or baptism. Stained glass windows are not there solely to make a church attractive. They have bible stories and saints painted on them. This is to remind Christians of these stories and of the main biblical figures, which represent symbolic meanings. This helps Christians remember why they are Christians and what they should strive to do in their life. Some denominations do not have stained glass windows. The altar is a table, which is where Holy Communion takes place. Holy Communion is the passing of bread and wine, which represents Jesus' body and blood. ...read more.


These are images are there to show the story of Jesus' journey to his death. During lent worshippers follow stations - reflecting on the pain suffered by Jesus. The first fourteen images depict Jesus' main points in his life up to his burial in his tomb. The fifteenth is of Jesus' resurrection. The stomp is a bowl of blessed water. It is only found in catholic churches. It is like a font but it is for daily service use. The stomp is fixed to a wall near the entrance of a catholic church. Worshippers dip fingers in water and make the sign of the cross in a reminder of their baptism and so that they cleanse their sins away. The Confessional is a significant part of the Catholic faith. It is a way for Catholics to confess sins before God and receive forgiveness for those sins. This is usually done in front of a priest. The tabernacle is a metal box often found near an altar. During communion or mass some of the consecrated bread is placed in tabernacle so that the priest of minister can take it later to anyone who is unable to attend the service. The sanctuary lamp is generally red and is hung close to the tabernacle. It is permanently kept a light to signify the presence of Christ inside the tabernacle. This reminds Christians that the consecrated bread is like Jesus' body and that he is always around us. ...read more.

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