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Explain the Teachings of the Roman Catholic Church Strict Catholics (Devout Christian Catholic) are the kind of Catholics who

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AO1 Explain the Teachings of the Roman Catholic Church Strict Catholics (Devout Christian Catholic) are the kind of Catholics who Follow the Bible and the Church's teachings very strictly. They will not do anything that go against the Church. In other words, are usually loyal to what rules they have set and, like the title says, they are strict. When it comes to abortion, they believe that all life is blessed and only God can give and take life and under no conditions termination of a baby should be considered. They would look at the 6th Commandment "Do Not Kill". Strict Catholics believe is never right, whatever the situation. As for marriage, they believe that marriage is a lifelong dedication and no divorces should be allowed and that it is like the marriage vow says, "till death do us part". ...read more.


The married couple may have an abortion if the woman is raped or the mother may die as a consequence of the pregnancy but it wouldn't be an easy decision for the couple. They believe that Abortion should not happen unless the women is raped for instance or seriously disabled. Mirroring the Devout Christians, they also do believe marriage is forever, but if there are problems they may separate or divorce or get an annulment. It would not be a decision they would take lightly. They also believe marriage is a long tem commitment and only can be broken by death or adultery. Sex is both for having kids and at the man and women's consent. Children should be taken seriously and happen when settled down. ...read more.


Whatever the 'type' of Christian/Catholic, marriage is regarded as a life-long, serious commitment. Christians of all denominations regard marriage as the context within which to have sex and to raise children. Abortion is controversial. It is one issue that will probably never be resolved. Some Christians (mainly Strict Catholics) will never accept abortion because they believe it is murder. Others (Conservative Catholics) would say that everyone has to take each case alone as each is unique because in the end, everyone (no matter if they are a child or an elderly person) is one of a kind. Some (mainly Liberal Catholics) would try to show compassion as Jesus did and also be concerned with quality of life. All Catholics believe children should be born into a world where their mother and father are committed to their relationship. Sex is allowed but some Catholics (Devout) consider having sex after the pair is married. 0plain how a Marple would apply ...read more.

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