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Explain The Term ‘Miracle’

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Ai) Explain The Term 'Miracle' So that the term miracle can be understood and explained as accurately as possible I have looked up the meaning in various places which are shown below with the meaning: * 'Luke- A Gospel for Today' by Linda Smith and William Raeper. ' Years ago people did not understand the laws of nature as we do now. Some things seem miraculous, but are not. A real miracle is something that happens in a different way from the regular laws of nature' * The Concise Oxford dictionary- a miracle is 'an extraordinary event attributed to some supernatural agency.' * The Bible- Even though the bible does not have one separate meaning in order to define the term miracle, it shows many examples of them when Jesus performed several so that he may proclaim His nature and prove and preach the word of God. He also performed them to show he had God's power over nature, mental and physical illness. The first two definitions portray a similar meaning, although the term can be described variously according to one's personal life experiences. The above definitions clearly state a miracle as being something that cannot be understood. People, now days, tend to use the term 'miracle' rather freely not understanding the true meaning. Despite the fact that the term is used ever so freely I can say that due to my knowledge I can say that not many people I know can say that they have experienced a 'miracle'. ...read more.


Jesus does not seem amazed or finds the miracles awesome as he talks about Jesus with respect but still not as if he were amazed for he believes that Jesus is filled with the Holy Spirit, and accepted Jesus that way. B) Explain the meaning of healing miracles with reference to present day belief and Christian life. The term Healing Miracles can be explained as the following- It is the term given to the miracles written in the Holy Scriptures (The Bible). It presents Jesus as the Son of God who heals those who are suffering, so that His love can be shown toward us. The people who were healed by Jesus were either mentally ill or had a diseased and therefore were classified as outcasts by the 'accepted' society. Jesus had set out an example of how to show others to 'accept their neighbor.' The diseases that Jesus had cured are still problems that are faced in third world countries to this very day. The times then were different to now, as religion is portrayed as to have played a much rather role in daily lives then as opposed to now. Nowadays everybody wants to talk like they have something to comment about their religious duties, but then only to realize that when was the last time they have fulfilled them pure heartedly, and when did they last commit. This maybe due to influential devastating experiences such as; wars, natural hazards and many more. ...read more.


Even to this day there are some well-known miracle workers such as Lourdes in France, Kathryn Kuchlman and Benny Hinn. Faithful Christians believe in miracles because the follow and believe the Bible, and trust and believe in Jesus' teachings. Jesus had performed the miracles in order to gain people's trust in God, and because Jesus performed such miracles modern day Christians believe in miracles to this day. Every religion has miracles but is only explained in a different form. Although miracles are preached in religions there are still few non believers, and this is completely understandable. They may not believe due to all the problems the world seems to be facing today, e.g. America one of the world's richest economies was faced with terrorist attacks which had great consequences, this is most probably due to racial and religious conflict, this can be overcome by simply accepting and applying the word of God. Then there are natural hazards, which cannot be helped by humans, but this may just be God's way of reminding us that he has control over all things and out life, and that we should love, respect, accept and follow him. The suffering is a consequence of not accepting God in ones life, and therefore when one does not accept God, it means that they personally have lack of much faith. One should therefore accept God and have enough faith and maybe on the face of this Earth one should be experiencing the type of miracles Jesus had performed in his time. ?? ?? ?? ?? Rishika Lulla - GCSE Religious Studies Coursework 2001/2002- Miracles ...read more.

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