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Explain the term ‘religion’ identifying the problems with a definition.

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RE GSCE Explain the term 'religion' identifying the problems with a definition. In this essay I will attempt to explain the word 'religion'. This is a difficult task because the word covers so many things. Many people have tried to define religion. The Oxford Dictoinary outlines religion as, "A particular system of faith and worship." This definition isn't wrong but it doesn't cover the multifaceted nature of religion. ...read more.


The definition of religion also depends on how you percieve it. A person looking at a religion from an outside perspective would see it in a completely different way compared to someone who was, for example, a Christian, and actively religious. Religion is studied and analysed from many different angles. For example, an anthropologist would define religion based on how it affected society and customs, whereas a psychologist would examine how a religion affected the way a person thought and behaved. ...read more.


A scientist might define religion based on facts and figures, religion's place in society and compared to science. A person may follow a religion such as Judaism, which believes in and worships a God, and may believe that Budhaism is not a religion because it doesn't. Followers of these two religions would have very different ideas if asked to define religion. In conclusion, because religion has so many elements and there are so many ways of examining each one, it is near impossible to define religion, incorporating everyone's point of view. ...read more.

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