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Explain the term “miracle”.

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Sabrina Johnson 10E RE COURSEWORK A miracle is a positively phenomenal, yet significant event, which requires the act of a supernatural being and is conducted for the purpose of conveying a message to an audience. A) i. Explain the term "miracle". Today, different people have different ideas about what a miracle really is. According to an atheist, a miracle is merely no more than an undiscovered natural law (April 14th 1995 PBS program). But the Christian and Jewish religions have their own definition of what a "miracle" is and this is best known in the Bible, where people have written about the happenings of real miracles. ...read more.


Semeion can be translated as sign, and so miracles were seen as a significant event that has a purpose. In the Old Testament, Exodus 14 is one of the most famous and most powerful miracles of God. In the Jews' escape from Egypt, led by Moses, God parted the waters of the Red Sea, so that they could cross to the other side. This miracle fits the above definition because parting the Red Sea for the Jews to escape captivity in Egypt is a positively phenomenal event. Such power is known to be phenomenal because no person on Earth is able to control or violate the laws of nature. ...read more.


Jesus was to be called the "Son of God", as announced by the Angel Gabriel when Mary became with child whilst still a virgin. In the New Testament, for Christians, the actions of Israel's God were essentially righteous, He had an all-holy purpose of establishing his kingdom and each of his actions was focussed towards its accomplishment. The miracles of Jesus were instruments to such a celestial purpose of God. Jesus not only worked miracles as a sign of God's divine power, but also a sign of His salvation. This is exemplified by Luke, who portrayed the miracles of Jesus working on different types of people, those effected by the devil, those who were sick, those affected by the wrath of Mother Nature and those meeting the final limitation of death (www.miracles2000.freeserve.co.uk) ...read more.

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