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Explain the term "Parable"?

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a. i) Explain the term "Parable"? The term "Parable" originates from "Parabole," which is a Greek word and means a comparison or comparing any two things. A parable is actually a kind of comparison and so the word was very appropriate. All parables are an easy to understand story which has an important meaning. A very common definition of a parable is that it is an earthly story wit a heavenly meaning. It is stressed that a parable has only one main point and is left for the listeners to decide what it is. It usually relates to an aspect of real life but Jesus used to teach religious morals and rules. Jesus used parables to their full effect and so this was why they were so useful. Parables come in three forms. The easiest one of them is the picture saying type. This is very much like a proverb. A common example of this is the saying which is endlessly recited "Jesus is the light of the world." In this one Jesus is compared to light and that he is the one who lights up the path to God and his Kingdom so we can see our way to the end clearly. As you can see it is a very short comparison but gets the point through in an effective way. ...read more.


One special thing the parables told by Jesus did was that it obliged the people who were listening to contemplate on their actions and question their life on whether they are good people or people who have been living a life of sin. This is also true because they had to seek the meaning for themselves. Finally Jesus had a unique way of answering questions. He used parables. When a teacher of the Law asked him things which questioned his superiority and power as a Forgiver of Sins he would use Parables to explain his presence on Earth. b. Discuss the meaning and relevance of parables to the belief and life of Christians today. I believe that as long as there is Christianity, parables will be extremely relevant. They play an integral part of Christianity and are there to teach people forever. I emphasise the word forever because moral conduct is a key factor of parables and is what they teach so therefore will always be needed as moral conduct will never become redundant. I am going to mention some parables which prove this and how they can actually influence us. First of all, the Parable of the Sower, which is one of the most popular Parables, teaches us to resist temptation but it goes much deeper than that. We all know that Christianity has blossomed all over the world in different forms but it has not been easy. ...read more.


A modern example that comes to mind when talking about this subject is the murder of Steven Lawrence. When talking about equal rights we see that it is not really enforced. If the people who killed Steven Lawrence understood the wrong in racism they might not have committed this tragic murder. This is why we need parables in this day and age. The world is not perfect and so right and wrong must be taught in some form. Another example that is similar is the horrific killing of that young boy, Damilola Taylor. He was a young, keen and enthusiastic boy who came from Africa to hopefully make something of himself one day but his dream was cut short due to ignorance. Some people think that parables are not relevant due to them being only for Christians. Even though what parables teach are morals and rules for every day life the fact of the matter is, it is from the Gospels and so makes it a more personal lesson for Christians. Some people think that because Parables came from the time of Jesus and so were not useful for people of our time. This in effect brings us along to the next argument that the simplicity of these stories makes it unreal. There are those who say that for example that in the Good Samaritan the priest and Pharisee had good reasons for walking. Here I conclude that these are still not good enough reasons to say that parables are not useful anymore. Parables Rob Abdur 1 ...read more.

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