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Explain what a study of Mark's gospel can tell Christians about the nature of discipleship.

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Explain what a study of Mark's gospel can tell Christians about the nature of discipleship. Mark's gospel has many themes throughout it, one of the main themes is discipleship. Disciple means "willing follower". It is easy nowadays to believe that disciple is just meant religiously, but in fact it can be meant for many circumstances. For instance, these circumstances could be anything from a fan following a football club to a citizen following a government, they are both cases of discipleship. In Mark's Gospel, discipleship is meant about the apostles following Jesus. These 12 apostles were: Simon (aka Peter), James (son of Zebedee) ...read more.


The duties they were given from Jesus were to drive out demons, to heal the sick and to preach the word of God (!6:17-18). When Jesus sent out the twelve, he told them not to bring any extra food money or clothes (6:8-9). Disciples should be prepared to give up everything to follow Jesus. This could be possessions or friends and family. Disciple should put the needs of others before their own. This is what Jesus' apostles had to do. The story of the rich young man shows the cost of discipleship (10:17-31). Disciples have to have many qualities. ...read more.


Jesus told the disciples that they will be rewarded one hundred times in this life and eternally in the next (10:28-31). Mark especially wrote about rewards for discipleship so the people at that time who were being persecuted would realise that although the apostles made mistakes, they were still promised eternal life and that gave them hope. All in all, I think that a study of Marks Gospel can show Christians that although discipleship may seem very hard, there is always a great reward to look forward to - eternal life. Being a disciple not only gives you the reward of eternal life, but also strengthens this life by faith. Marks gospel shows a lot about being a disciple and many Christians have found this inspiring and gone on to do great things. ...read more.

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