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Explain what a study of Mark's Gospel can tell Christians about the nature of discipleship? Discipleship is an initial theme in Mark's Gospel. It was important to the early Christians

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Skill AO1 - Explain what a study of Mark's Gospel can tell Christians about the nature of discipleship? Discipleship is an initial theme in Mark's Gospel. It was important to the early Christians and is till for Christians today. Christian disciples are followers of Jesus Christ. They learn from his teachings and way of life. True disciples must be committed and put God first. Christians should aim to be a good disciple in all aspects of life to do this they need to take in account what Mark said about discipleship. Mark tells the story of the calling of the first four disciples (1:14-20) in his gospel. Jesus asks some fishermen to "Come with me" and "they left their nets at once and went with him." This shows disciples should be willing to put Jesus first without any doubts and tells Christians that nature of discipleship has to come before everything else. Jesus tells the disciples they will be "fishers of men" as they welcomed and encouraged people into the family of God. This applied to all the disciples to follow. Even looking at who the disciples were, in the choosing of the twelve (3:13-19), can tell us more about discipleship. Some of them were ordinary fishermen which shows us that whatever occupation you have you can be a disciple. ...read more.


Christians today can interpret what Jesus said about roles of a disciple (6:7-13) and use it in their daily life. Jesus told them to "preach the good news", some Christians feel they have a vocation to spread Christianity and become priests, monks and nuns. Others believe they can do this in their daily lives, telling those they meet. The disciples were told to "drive out demons"; this could be done helping those who have been hurt by evil or try to bring peace (stop war). For example Bishop Biguzzi and Ibrahim Sesay (who work for CAFOD) risked their lives to meet, and try to release, children soldiers in the Civil war. Christians can "heal the sick" in lots of different ways. It doesn't just mean healing people physically, becoming a doctor, but also healing people's faith or be a counselor healing them mentally. When Jesus talked about the role of discipleship he meant it for Christians then and those to come. To be a true disciple you have to be prepared for the cost of discipleship. In the story of the rich man (10:17-31) it tells Christians what they must do to inherit eternal life. Disciples today can do this by not being blinded by materialism and be as self-less as possible. Though it doesn't have to particularly be money but be prepared to give away what you love to show that you love God more. ...read more.


They believe that you should be baptized as an adult because Jesus was baptized an adult. For this reason followers' of believers' baptism agree with the statement that children can't be disciples. In 10:13-16 the disciples reject some children, Jesus sees this and says "the kingdom of God belong to such as these." This backs up the view that children's qualities are a key part of a Christian. It also shows in this story that the children are eager and are willing to learn. An honest and trustworthy child would not deny their beliefs of God. Others could disagree and say a teenager under peer pressure may deny their beliefs. A child might not be able to comprehend the concept of suffering for Jesus and therefore not be able to prove their faith. One could argue that an adult, unless was actually facing persecution, would be able to suffer for Jesus either. Children can tell their friends about the good news but how well can a child actually do this? It must be quite hard for a child to understand the good news themselves so it must be even harder to explain it to a friend. I believe that children can be a Christians and can try to be a disciple. Children are disciples in the making. Word count - 348 ?? ?? ?? ?? Chloe McCloskey - 1 - ...read more.

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