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"Explain what a study of Mark's Gospel can tell Christians about the nature of discipleship"

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"Explain what a study of Mark's Gospel can tell Christians about the nature of discipleship" By looking at Marks's Gospel we can find out a lot about the nature of Discipleship and the Apostles. The Apostles name's were Simon Peter, Andrew his brother, James the son of Zebedee, John his brother, Philip, Bartholomew, Thomas, Matthew the publican who changed his name from Levi to indicate a new life, James the son of Alphaeus, Thaddeus, Simon the Cananite and Judas. The word 'Apostle' means someone chosen out ordinary disciples to become a leader. When a priest/vicar is ordained, this means he is now an Apostle. An Apostle is anyone chosen to Preach. There is some controversy to whether Mary Magdalene is an Apostle, but according to Mark, she is not counted in the final twelve. Catholics would say that Apostles are only male leaders in the church, but in the Church of England they believe that any disciple can become an Apostle, male of female. The word Apostle is from the Greek word 'to send'. ...read more.


This is the first time they fail Jesus in Mark's Gospel. The Son of God is sleeping in the boat downstairs but the disciples still panic and run down to wake him. The Apostles show humility by doing what Jesus said without questioning it. They didn't want special treatment or anything in return. Two of the Apostles failed Jesus when they did not show humility, this was in Mark 10:35 when James and John asked for special treatment in heaven. Service was shown by carrying through instructions and completing miracles successfully, they were showing service to Jesus by carrying through with their vocation. A vocation is when you are called to do something in life, such as the Apostles were. The Apostles were from northern Israel which, at the time of Jesus, was very violent. Although Israel was a very small country, it was full of dangers such as robbers and animals. The climate in which they were walking was unhealthily hot in the day and freezing cold in the night. The only carried very basic equipment with them, a cloth tent, fire equipment, dagger and a belt. ...read more.


Although the church has now rejected this idea, most still have this idea. Mary, in fact, was so important in Jesus' life that it could be argued she was also an Apostle. Mary was present at both the resurrection and crucifixion. At the resurrection the angel told her to tell the others, this would officially make her an Apostle, even if she was not counted in the final twelve. At the end of Mark, in chapter 16, Jesus goes, leaving the Apostles to run things for themselves. Acts chapters one and two describe the events which followed. Pentecost was one of these main events; this is when the Apostles received the Holy Spirit different forms and it helped them to spread the word of Jesus. Christians at this time called themselves 'Followers of the way' and this is when they started to split from the Jewish religion. It was a dangerous and hard life of persecution. In 64AD the persecution reached its highest point when Nero set fire to Rome. This is the year in which Mark's Gospel was written. During the next 100 years, the number of Apostles increased dramatically and the church started to form itself into the church we know today. ...read more.

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