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Explain what a study of Mark's Gospel can tell us about Discipleship.

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Chris Yates 10.S Explain what a study of Mark's Gospel can tell us about Discipleship. In this essay, I am going to show that a disciple is ready to sacrifice all, and to look at different cases of cost and rewards. The word disciple means 'follower'. Christian discipleship involves faith and commitment to god, self-sacrifice, service to others, using your time, money, and energies, as god wants you too, not as the world temps you to. It involves belonging to god's family and the church. Disciples are ready to sacrifice all (cost) but receive eternal life in return (reward). Jesus first call is in Mark 1: 14-20, where Jesus asked two fishermen Simon and his brother John to sacrifice all by saying: "Follow me and I will make you fishers of men" At once they dropped their nets and followed Jesus. ...read more.


In Mark 8: 34-38 Jesus tells us that if we want to be a disciple, it may involve suffering, rejection and even death by saying: "If anyone wants to be a follower of mine, let him renounce himself And take up the cross" This teaches us that we should have faith and let nothing get us down and keep going no matter what. In mark 6: 7-13 Jesus called 12 disciples to trust and believe in him by going out in two's and taking no bread, no money, no begging bad etc. and going out to preach, anoint the sick and cast out evil spirits. This teaches us to stay away from things more important things than God. In Mark 12: 28-31 one of the scribes asks Jesus: "Which is the greatest commandment of all?" ...read more.


In Mark 12: 41-44 Jesus tells about the widows mite. It tells us how a poor widow gave up everything she had to live on (cost) yet it secured her a place in heaven. This encourages us that we should give up everything and we will be rewarded. A way of doing this would be to become a disciple. Mark 16: 15-17 Jesus appears to the eleven and sets them a commission: "Go throughout the world and preach the gospel to The whole human race" This gives a true example of what a disciple does. Even today people preach (priests, people in streets) to get people to worship god. This teaches us to preach the gospel and do as Jesus says. To be a disciple we will have to follow commandments and not be fooled by riches and give up everything. When we do this, our reward will be the greatest, a place in heaven. ...read more.

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