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Explain what a study of Mark's Gospel tells us about the nature of Discipleship.

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AO1: Explain what a study of Mark's Gospel tells us about the Nature of Discipleship. A study of Marks Gospel tells us that the Nature of Discipleship is to obey Jesus and have faith in everything he does. This was very challenging for the disciples because Jesus set them some hard tasks. Jesus chose the disciples by going up on the mountainside and calling those he wanted. They all came to him. There were 2 disciples that betrayed Jesus and they was Simon the Zealot and Judas Iscariot. Most of the disciples misinterpreted what it means to be a follower of the new messiah. Jesus was not the type of fighting Messiah he was more of a peacekeeper. ...read more.


He was the main disciple that was mentioned and his is the first and the last name to be mentioned in Mark's Gospel. It was Peter who answered for the group when Jesus asked them who they thought he was. (Mark 8:27-30). It was also Peter who questioned the need for Jesus' suffering and death. (Mark 8:31-33). Lastly it was Peter who offered to build tents for Jesus, Moses and Elijah on the mountain on transfiguration. A disciple is someone who believes in and helps to spread the teachings of another. It is someone who learns form a religious leader, and who wishes to live life according to the leader's wishes and commands. ...read more.


The reference for 'The Widow at the Treasury' is (Mark 12:41-4). In Marks Gospel Jesus warned the disciples that he was going to suffer and die because he told them the enemy would see his popularity and teachings as threats. When Jesus chose his disciples he gave them rules on what they were allowed to take with them and what they weren't allowed to take with them. They could take a walking stick, a pair of sandals. They could not take food, a bag, money, and another coat. I have come to the conclusion that the nature of discipleship is to follow the will of god and discipleship is the will to follow the example of Jesus even when it could result in suffering or death. AO1: Explain what a study of Mark's Gospel tells us about the Nature of Discipleship. Gary Howard 11UNWR ...read more.

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