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Explain what a study of St. Mark's Gospel can tell Christians about the nature of discipleship?

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Explain what a study of St. Mark's Gospel can tell Christians about the nature of discipleship? The word 'disciple' means 'follower,' and it is often used to refer to one of Jesus' 12 apostles from the Gospels, but it can also be used more generally to mean any Christian. Throughout Mark's gospel, discipleship has been conveyed as a vocation to spread the works of Christianity through courage and understanding. It is an individual decision to take on board the duties of Christianity and to find the faith hidden within us. When Jesus called his first disciples... "Come with me, and I will teach you to catch people" Mark 1:17 Their immediate, unhesitant action of following Jesus proved that they were prepared to sacrifice for the understanding and knowledge about Jesus who inspired and invited them to be part of a holy congregation in the family of God. Jesus' twelve disciples consisted of a variety of people. Although he interacted with sinners such as the tax collector, Levi, it demonstrates that Christianity is never a judgement of people from their background or their appearance but instead to "Love thy neighbour" as mentioned in the commandment. ...read more.


It won't always be easy to be a follower of Christ as we cannot choose all our responsibilities and not all responsibilities can be pleasant. Since Jesus suffered his ultimate death on the cross, we must also be willing to suffer for him. People who love God must " deny self" to do God's will. Aid workers and missionaries live and work in harsh and dangerous conditions for little or no money out of love for God and their neighbour. In the parable of the rich young man, he refused to give up his riches, as he desperately desired luxury on Earth as well as heaven. The life of a Christian has many emotional and spiritual satisfactions, which are far greater than possessions. Christians should feel that the satisfaction of knowing that you are at rights with God is worth more than possessions, as they feel that it gives their lives real Christian value. "Go and sell all you have; then come and follow me... gloom spread over his face, and he went away sad, because he was very rich." ...read more.


The gospel is saying that those who are prepared to sacrifice their lives for Christ will be rewarded, while those who sacrifice Christ for their lives will lose everything. Christians should have the courage to proclaim their faith openly. Being a true disciple brings the reward of everlasting life in heaven with God and we will be returned with love, peace and purity from our family in heaven. We will receive... " A hundred times more houses, sisters, mothers, children and field - and persecutions as well" Mark 10:30-31 We will live with God and Jesus and by learning about the good news of God that has descended down to this generation, gives us a depth knowledge about the kingdom of heaven and our true family that awaits for us. "Whoever does God's will is my brother and sister and mother." Mark 3:31-35 Throughout Mark's gospel, the nature of discipleship demands great faith in God and it is a preparation to sacrifice and to serve for others. Through this teaching we carry out our own acts of discipleship through charity work and loving and serving our loved ones in Church and around the society we live in. Discipleship offers people different demands and challenges in life. ...read more.

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