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Explain what a study of St. Mark's gospel can tell Christians about the nature of discipleship.

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Explain what a study of St. Mark's gospel can tell Christians about the nature of discipleship. A Disciple is a student or pupil; they follow the ways of their teacher. In the time of Jesus when men wanted to learn about the scriptures and the laws they would go to a Rabbi or a Jewish teacher of the law. Jesus had twelve special followers called apostles; the word apostle means the one with a message. Jesus called them apostles because they were the first twelve men he chose, these apostles would learn from Jesus and carry on the good news when he had gone. Jesus chose them because they were brothers, which meant that they would stick up for each other because they had hard jobs to do, and had to preach to people who didn't want to know. ...read more.


This would bring the kingdom of God closer and show people that there is a God. In the story "Jesus sent out the apostles" he told them to take nothing except a stick and some sandals. Wherever they were welcome stay in the same house until you leave that place. This shows that the disciples are students; they all make mistakes and learn from them like any other human being. Jesus gave a very clear indication that Peter was going to deny Jesus three times. He also says that anyone who wants to be a follower of his should leave and forget their family behind and take their cross and follow him this way it shows you believe in god and in eternal life. Discipleship also involves looking after people healing people and preaching the word of the lord, a disciple will also cast out demons and bad spirits. ...read more.


then meant that he would have felt guilt so he committed suicide and lost his life as well as Jesus' the commonsense needed for this was to stick up for what was right and not go onto the other persons side. This is also known as betrayal. As you know everybody makes mistakes but discipleship is an ongoing process of learning. Judas and Peter both betrayed Jesus and both regretted it after they had done it. These apostles made a mistake but regretted it as soon as they had done it. Judas took in some people's view the coward's way out as some people say by committing suicide. In Mark's gospel he paints a fairly negative point of view. But the eleven disciples that are left go on to be leaders of the Christian church the apostles eventually gain courage and great faith and in the end are even prepared to die for the Gospel's message. Gavin Clarke 10 Gwyn ...read more.

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