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Explain what a study of St. Mark's Gospel can tell Christians about the nature of Discipleship.

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Explain what a study of St. Mark's Gospel can tell Christians about the nature of Discipleship St. Mark's Gospel explains many principles of discipleship. The main points of discipleship are that Jesus asks for a total demand, Christians must be selfless and that the Gospel is universal- for everyone in the world. If a Christian is to be a disciple, they must: * Put themselves last, "Whoever wants to be first must place himself last of all and be the servant of all."1 * Take up their cross- they have to find their vocation; this may be a difficult path which could lead to death. ...read more.


In the account of Jesus calling on Levi, the tax collector, Mark is reminding us that being a disciple makes total demands on a person's life. Levi left all of his riches and material possessions, to follow Jesus. These demands on people's lives can cause them to change their lives completely. Levi had his name changed, by Jesus, to Matthew. This represents a new start to his life. In the report of the rich young man, Mark informs Christians that they are not always able to fulfil Jesus' demands and he reminds us that Jesus makes total demands, as you cannot be a disciple on certain days; it needs to permeate Christian's lives. ...read more.


Peter's denial is a significant piece in Mark's gospel, because Peter became the founder of the Christian Church, and even though Peter denied Jesus three times, "... and Peter remembered how Jesus had said to him, "Before the cock crows twice, you will say three times that you do not know me." And he broke down and cried."7 Jesus has forgiven Peter; so he can forgive other disciples. Therefore, the study of St. Mark's gospel tells Christians that, God will accept nothing less than total commitment to Him, and that this may involve life-changing sacrifices, but the ultimate reward will be in Heaven. 1 Mk 9: 35 2 Mk 8: 34 3 Mk 8: 31-38 4 Mk 8: 38 5 Mk 4: 35-41 6 Mk 14:66-72 7 Mk 14: 72 ...read more.

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