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Explain what a study of St Mark's gospel can tell us about the nature of discipleship.

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Explain what a study of St Mark's gospel can tell us about the nature of discipleship. A disciple is someone who wishes to follow and learn from another, who is a disciplined learner and an adherent to the teachings and beliefs of their teacher. The first thing Jesus did at the start of his mission was to choose men from among his followers to be disciples. Jesus called them one by one for his great charisma drew them to him. He wanted them to be close to him and to learn, they were chosen to be trained for the task of sharing in Jesus' mission. Jesus would help them in being 'fishers of men' to bring others into the family of God. Peter, Andrew, James and John were fishermen, used to living a hard way of life, and with little influence in Jewish society. Peter, James and john the 'The Inner three' disciples were particularly close to Jesus, and were chosen to witness three extraordinary events in Jesus' ministry they were; The raising of Jairus' daughter, Jesus' Transfiguration and Jesus at prayer in the Garden of Gethsemane In the calling of the first four Jesus asked them to come and follow him and he would make them fishers of men. ...read more.


When we are young we trust every thing we are told, we don't think bad, all our thoughts or good. When grow older, our minds and thoughts grow too, we begin think for ourselves and decide how much faith we have in the Kingdom of God. When we are young, we become influenced by our parents they bring us up in the way the want. They teach us between right and wrong and the right is to have faith in God. Explain how the teachings about discipleship would affect the live of a Christian Christians deem to believe that being a disciple is a religious career and any one can be if they wish. Marriage, work and relationships with others are linked to vocation. Today we can be disciples by being in the priesthood or religious orders; they are required to commit themselves to God no matter what the consequences are. Yet we see from people such as nuns, monks, and priests that there are many people who give up all they have as the first disciples did. There are those who act as missionaries who preach and spread the word of God, and who care for the sick showing the qualities of a true disciple. ...read more.


Jesus said "It was because it was all she had." "Children can not be disciples, so they can not be Christians either." Would a Christian agree or disagree? Give reasons showing you have that of more than one point of view. Children do not have as good an understanding as adults do they wouldn't have the moral courage to carry out the missions. Though a big thing on their side would be the fact that they would be able to preach the word of God to other children, and they would listen, but with adults they would not be respected as much. Older generations would take advantage of the fact that they are so young and innocent. They would believe any thing they were told by others, though their faith in God would be a lot stronger than Jesus' disciples because as we know their faith was not strong at times. If children were expected to carry the word of God they would need an elder to help them do this. As we know at our baptism when we are just a couple of months, we get baptised which means we become disciples of Jesus and are accepted into the Kingdom of God. ...read more.

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