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Explain What a Study of St. Marks Gospel Can Tell Christians About the Nature of Discipleship.

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Explain What a Study of St. Marks Gospel Can Tell Christians About the Nature of Discipleship. A disciple is one who follows or one who learns. A Christian disciple is one who follows the teachings of Jesus. A disciple is someone who spreads the teaching of another person but firstly they have to have strong belief in what the person they follow believes in. It is someone who follows and learns from a religious leader. In Jesus' time disciples were quite common and they were the ones to follow another out of freewill but Jesus called his disciples himself to follow him. The imperative thing displayed here in Marks gospel is the instance they were called they came as the gospel reads "at once they left their nets and went with him." referring here to the calling of Simon and Andrew. ...read more.


Then the rest of them Philip, Bartholomew, Thomas, James son of Alphaeus, Thaddeus, Simon the Zealot and Judas Iscariot who Betrayed him. These were all called in 3:1-6. He said "I have chosen you to be with me" he told them "I will also send you out to preach and you will have the authority to drive out demons." Here Jesus is outlining for the first time the role that the disciples will have; they will be pioneers along with him in his mission in the world. In St. Mark's gospel the disciples are continually learning about Jesus and getting to know him. Jesus chooses ordinary people to be his disciples, they don't have to be well educated or clever, and he only chooses those who are willing to follow and who he thinks will have the qualities of a true disciple. ...read more.


The sacrifices made by the disciples were never-ending because they gave up their ordinary lives to follow Jesus and spread the good word. To become a disciple is to be committed totally and involves sacrifices. In today's world, people who become disciples of the Christian faith are asked to give up different things according to what form their discipleship may take. Just as Simon, Peter, James, and John gave up their fishing and Levi his position as a tax collector, for some people today such as missionaries it has meant leaving their homes, family, friends and security behind to go out into a foreign country to serve God. In the Roman Catholic Church priests are required to remain celibate and ministers of other churches choose to be celibate, as it is believed that celibacy allows a person to become devoted fully to God. ...read more.

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