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Explain what a study of St marks gospel can tell Christians about the nature of discipleship.

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Discipleship Skill AO1: Explain what a study of St marks gospel can tell Christians about the nature of discipleship. To explain what a study of St Marks gospel can tell Christians about the nature of Jesus we need to know what a disciple is. The word disciple means follower of Jesus literally 'someone who learns' or 'is a pupil'. Jesus chose 12 disciples to replace the tradition of the Jewish religion represented by the twelve tribes of Israel. The twelve men Jesus chose represented 'knew people of god'. They would help Jesus extend the kingdom of god on earth. Simon and Andrew worked on a shore of the Sea of Galilee, which was the centre of a busy fishing industry. He said, "come with me and I will teach you how to catch men." Jesus promised them a part in proclaiming the coming of Gods kingdom on earth if they were prepared to leave all that they had to follow Jesus and spread the word of god amongst the people of the world. The men took the gamble and decided to do this. Jesus found James and John, two sons of Zebedee when they were preparing the next fishing expedition at the lakeside we are simply told Jesus 'called' them (1:16 - 20). ...read more.


For the others put in what they had to spare of their riches; but she poor as she is, put in all that she had - she gave all she had to live on." (12:41- 44) In the widows offering Jesus explains what matters in matters is that people give up their attachment to all they have/possess in order to be free (10:28-31 - eternal life) and become fully human in the likeness of Christ. Jesus said to his disciples "All of you will run away and leave me for the scripture says, 'God will kill the Shepard and the sheep will be scattered.' But after I am raised to life I will go to Galilee ahead of you." "I will never leave you, even though the rest all the rest do!" replied Peter. Jesus said, "I tell you that before the cockcrows twice tonight, you will say three times that you do not know me." Peter answered even strongly, " I will never say that, even if I have to did with you!" And all the other disciples said the same thing. (14:27-31) As predicted all the disciples left Jesus and ran away at the time of his arrest. ...read more.


(10:14). An answer to why Jesus says that 'the kingdom of god belongs to such as these' is because children are eager to learn, trusting, and loving towards there parents. This is the kind of attitude the disciples should have towards God. Jesus makes children the symbol of all the people the kingdom is really for: the weak, the oppressed, the poor and the outcasts. To conclude, I think that it is wrong to say that if a child cannot be a disciple, they cannot be a Christian because children are the future and to be a disciple you have to be able to fully understand your religion. I also think that this is wrong because Jesus uses the children as a symbol of all the people for Gods kingdom and if they are worthy enough to be used as a symbol for all the people for Gods kingdom then surly they are worthy enough to be a Christian. However I also think that a child cannot be a disciple even though they have all the qualities to get into heaven because they do not fully understand what there religion asks from them and in the time of Jesus children were considered 'powerless' so no-one would really listen to them. ...read more.

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