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Explain what a study of St Marks Gospel can tell Christians about the nature of discipleship.

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Question 1 Explain what a study of St Marks Gospel can tell Christians about the nature of discipleship The definition of a disciple is somebody who learns from a religious leader and lives according to his teachings. By studying St Mark's Gospel, we learn that a Christian disciple is someone who learns from Christ and lives according to his teachings. A study of Marks Gospel also tells us about the nature of discipleship including the necessary requirements needed to be a Christian Disciple. To become a Christian Disciple, a necessary requirement is total commitment to God and Christ. We are taught that few are willing to commit their all to Christ and the church, a necessary requirement for a true disciple, and that being a disciple is not simply a part-time occupation - it is a permanent way of life. For example, in Mark 10:17-31, The Rich Man asks Jesus why he can not enter the Kingdom of God when he has always kept the ...read more.


The nature of true discipleship is to spend your life caring for others instead of trying to gain wealth and power. Another very important characteristic of a Disciple is sacrifice. In the story of the cost of discipleship (Mark 8:31-38), Jesus says that 'You must take up your cross' which means that by committing your life to following Christ, it is inevitable that your faith will one day result in persecution as Jesus' life did and true discipleship means being prepared to accept this suffering. People who do not become Christians to shield their lives from mockery are only losing their lives to sin. Marks Gospel also teaches Christians that being a true disciple involves serving not only Christ but also humankind. In Jesus' ministry he taught the disciples the importance of servitude for example when he told them 'whoever wants to be first must place himself last and be the servant of all' meaning that a quality of a disciple is being a humble servant. ...read more.


Without faith, nothing is possible. The unimportance of perfection is also a very important part of discipleship, but what goes in hand with this is repentance and forgiveness. Disciples are allowed to make mistakes, such as Jesus' disciple Peter who denied Jesus 3 times at his death, but they should repent them afterwards and be truly sorry for what they have done. Peter immediately repented his sins when he heard the cock crow for the third time and was forgiven by Jesus because he was truly sorry. Peter is an example to all Christian disciples as he demonstrates that no matter what wrongs we have committed, as long as we truly repent and attempt to put things right we will be rewarded with forgiveness. By studying Marks Gospel it is possible to learn the true nature of discipleship; the necessary characteristics include commitment, self-denial, sacrifice, servitude, faith and the ability to repent any possible sins. Only by gaining all of these characteristics and introducing them into your daily lifestyle can true Christian discipleship be achieved. Alyson Mobey RE Coursework ...read more.

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