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Explain what a study of St Marks Gospel can tell Christians of Disciples?

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Joshua Brand 10T 15th May 2003 Explain what a study of St Marks Gospel can tell Christians of Disciples? In studying St Marks Gospel you can discover a lot about discipleship and what it means. Discipleship is derived from the Latin word discipulus which means learner. Today we now know that disciple means to be a follower or pupil. Jesus came to Earth to teach and every teacher needs pupils or disciples. The difference between disciples taught by Rabbis and disciples taught by Jesus was that Jesus called his disciples where as a rabbis would wait for his disciples to decide when they were ready. ...read more.


All the first five disciples follow Jesus immediately, this shows Jesus must have been very convincing to make five grown men want to follow him when normally they could choose when they wished to become disciples. The turning point of Marks Gospel comes when Jesus is treating a man with a withered hand. The Herodrians and Pharises are plotting to kill Jesus and this is where Jesus picks his twelve disciples from a much larger crowd to go out and spread the word of God. Jesus wants those men to do three main things. One they must be companions to Jesus. Two they must preach and three they must cast out demons. ...read more.


The cost of discipleship in the time of Jesus was very high it was normally death. When Jesus called the disciples he told them to leave all their belongings. "Anyone who which's to follow me must leave self behind. He must take up his cross and come with me" 8:34. Discipleship means that you are a follower, a pupil or student. Jesus called his disciples and they followed. Jesus taught them to preach and cast out demons. For disciples to do all this meant that they would have to give up their belongings and family. Once all this was abandoned they could become messengers of God and preach the word of God. They went out to preach and create more disciples. This is what I believe is the nature of the disciples referring to the Gospel of St Mark. ...read more.

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