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Explain what a study of St.Marks Gospel can tell Christians today about the nature of Discipleship.

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Explain what a study of St.Marks Gospel can tell Christians today about the nature of Discipleship Marks gospel, like the other gospels, is the telling of Jesus, his life and teachings. However, Mark is also trying to tell us something about being a disciple and almost giving us instructions on what it means to follow god and Jesus. I believe that the main point Mark was trying to get across in his Gospel was that being a disciple is not about being special or privileged, but that it's about helping others and following God. The best example Mark gives of helping others in his Gospel was the act of Jesus giving his life (in the crucifixion - chapter 15), by which he sacrificed himself for the sins and lives of others. ...read more.


He especially talks about the need for trust, faith and belief in God and to dedicate your life to the service of God (chapter 10 verses 43-45). Constantly throughout Marks Gospel, Jesus is shown teaching the disciples how to be better people and telling them why they were called to spread and show the word of God. Marks Gospel is also very important to Christians because it shows that Jesus is the Messiah. Also, it proves that Jesus was the Son of God. Finally, Marks Gospel informs us of Jesus' miracles. But by far the most important thing in the Gospel of Mark is the evidence that Jesus Christ died and rose again, and did it all for our sins. ...read more.


Jesus could have chosen from any of his followers, but for the main group of twelve disciples, Jesus chose sinners and ordinary people, showing that not just the great, the rich and the clever people could follow God and be a disciple. The need to be dedicated to Jesus is also shown many times throughout Marks Gospel. The best example of this is the way the disciples left friends, family, children, work and home to follow Jesus. For example, Jesus called Simon and Andrew (Chapter 1 verse 16), who were fishing and he told them to give up everything to come and follow him. As did James and John (Chapter 1 verse 19) who were mending their fishing nets and left to do the same. Ross Neesom 4SA (599 words) ...read more.

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