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Explain what a study of st.marks gospel cantell Christians about the nature of discipleship

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Explain what a study of st.marks gospel can tell Christians about the nature of discipleship Discipleship means you are excepting Gods will. It involves putting others before you and relying completely on God. You must be willing to sacrifice everything. This means you must have a strong connection with God and must be willing to struggle through all obstacles. You do not need to be rich or highly ranked in society. The disciples Jesus chose were not from these backgrounds and were not from similar backgrounds. I intend on examining the nature of the disciples Jesus chose by writing about how they showed this nature. The first to be called were Peter and Andrew. When Jesus called them they immediately left all behind and went with him. ...read more.


He called twelve disciples together and sent them out two by two. Jesus gave them authority over evil and he told them to travel light depending on the hospitality of towns they visited. This shows they were meant to help Jesus spread the good news. This story shows if you place complete trust in God you will be saved. The nature of discipleship means fulfilling the mission God gave them. The first disciples also had to make many sacrifices. The best example of self sacrifice in Marks gospel was displayed by the poor widow. "Then a poor little widow dropped in two copper coins. I tell you this poor widow gave more because the others gave what they had to spare but she gave all she had." ...read more.


This shows prayer is essential to discipleship and that through prayer the disciples achieved a close relationship with God. The nature of discipleship involves prayer. Discipleship is as important for Christians today as it was for the first disciples of Jesus. True discipleship is not something that can be done in a half-hearted way. To Christians, it means giving all that they have in the service of God and of other people. Jesus taught us that a person who commits everything they have to the service of God, however little that might be is more precious to God than someone who has great ability and resources, but is less committed. Real Christian discipleship requires total commitment. On completion it promises complete happiness with God in Eternal life. This is the true nature of discipleship. By Damian Mc Gloin ...read more.

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