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Explain what believers mean when they say that the scriptures of their religion are 'inspired'.

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Explain what believers mean when they say that the scriptures of their religion are 'inspired'. Scriptures that are described as being inspired means that they have been revealed. In most cases this revelation is revealed from a figure of greater authority. In Islam God revealed the Koran to the Prophet Muhammad via the Angel Gabriel. It is thought to have been sent down from a spiritual, Supreme Being. There is something special about the scripture. It is not simply mans word but the words of God. This is the first characteristic of a scripture being inspired. Again using the Koran as an example, the way the scripture was revealed also plays an important part. God sent down the Koran via an Angel. In Islam an Angel is considered to be clean, made of light and made only for the worship of Allah. The fact that God sent an Angel highlights the importance of the scripture. The Bible, like the Koran teaches well, it differentiates good from bad and expects the believers of the religion to abide by these rules. The Koran, in Islam, is not known as a 'Holy Book' but a way of life. The Koran being the word of God plays an important role. Anything to do with God is regarded very highly in Islam. ...read more.


c) Identify the main sources of authority, other than scripture, found in one religion. A creed is a summary of Christian belief. They were originally used to help Christians who were preparing for baptism, to provide them with the essential beliefs, which they must agree to. Creeds were written so that Jesus' place in the Trinity could be formally upheld. If a person did not believe in the creed, then he or she would be considered a heretic, or outside the Christian community. The three most famous Christian creeds are the Apostles, Athanasian and Nicene creeds. The Apostles, but is said to be based on their beliefs did not write the Apostles' creed. The Apostles creed contains many beliefs and the major beliefs are listed below. God is one. God is believed to have created the world and is therefore omnipotent. Christians believe that God can be experienced in three ways (The Trinity), as the Father in Heaven, the Son who came to earth in the form of Jesus, and the Holy Spirit, who is the comforter. Christians believe that the experience of Jesus Christ is fundamental to their belief. Jesus Christ is the Son of God. The title 'Lord' was an important one in the ancient world. It was used in the Old Testament as a name for God. ...read more.


It is scientifically proven that man had evolved the strongest surviving and the weakest dying out. In most religions it is thought that God created man and animal as they are. This is evident in the book of Genesis, '...God formed man of dust from the ground,' There are some aspects of the religion that contradict science and this may be enough for some to disagree with the scriptures in question. Others argue that scriptures do provide a complete guide for life because God knows the future he knows what is going to happen in the future and it's just a matter of looking for the right information. God doesn't mention global warming in the Bible. However, God does mention keeping the world in good hands. In the book of Genesis Adam is described as a vicegerent. This means that he was created to look after the earth. Therefore according to the Bible global warming is definitely no acceptable. This also indicates that scripture can be interpreted in today's methods. Using the same example global warming can be tackled using religious evidence. Science plays an important part in religious scripture. Some aspects of the Quran agree with science. For example, '...He shaped the earth like an egg,' Many people thought that the world was flat but the Quran as well as science agree that the world was round. This verse indicates that the Quran agrees with science that the earth is round. Zaineb Sheikh ...read more.

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