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Explain what Christian teachings might be used in the discussion about Euthanasia.

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Euthanasia Paper 2-Christian Perspectives on personal, social and World issues A2- Explain what Christian teachings might be used in the discussion about Euthanasia. Euthanasia is a Greek word that translates into English to mean a 'good, easy death.' The main points addressed by the people opposed to euthanasia. One main point is that euthanasia activists have dropped references to terminal illness, replacing them with such phrases as "hopelessly ill," "desperately ill," "incurably ill," "hopeless condition," and "meaningless life." Another point is that we as humans don't have the right to take another human beings life and god didn't create humans to kill each other. The argument of euthanasia is not just peoples point of view, Christian teachings can be used to explain euthanasia and if it is right or wrong. These 5 Christian teachings will help explain the discussion of Euthanasia: 1) Progress in medicine means that doctors are able to cure more illness and people live longer. Old people wonder about asking for an 'easy death' so that they can keep their human dignity. ...read more.


* Death is a natural process and God didn't create life so that other humans can end it just to make some more space. * This is known as compulsory euthanasia and the patient has no voice in weather if he/she lives or not. God gave every one a voice and that voice should be heard no matter the person's age. 'Show respect for old people and honour them.' Leviticus 19:32. By ending their life early you are showing that you don't honour them and think a lot less of them. 3) People nowadays don't think that family is that important and some don't have much connection with their relatives. But we should consider the fact that just because their not part of your immediate family they have nothing to do with you. By rejecting your family you are slowly losing your faith and the longer it goes on for the gap grows between your relationship and therefore you are denying your faith. Some people are not caring for their family and relatives. ...read more.


5) Some people think euthanasia is right because a person might be getting old and may not attractive. They may feel that there's no point being alive anymore and therefore they decide to commit compulsory euthanasia or suicide. The opinions of some individuals are that once a person has had their life and doesn't look appealing anymore they are not the same person. Some people commit euthanasia because of what they see in the mirror. Therefore- * If you commit Euthanasia you are killing someone that God has made in his own image * Human beings were born to age so there should be no reason to commit euthanasia 'God made man in his own image.' Genesis 7:27. The Roman Catholic Church believes that life is very precious and is a gift from God. To end life is claimed as murder. Also no human being has the right to ask for someone to cut their life short just because they have aged or done something wrong in their lives. Either does anyone have the right or responsibility of bringing a human life to a sudden and early end. GSCE Religious Studies ...read more.

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