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Explain what Christians believe about 1) Death of Jesus, and 2) Life after death.

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Explain what Christians believe about 1) Death of Jesus 2) Life after death The mains concerns of the christians about were his death and resurection.Christians believe also that the death of Jesus had not only political reasons but also religious reasons.Christians thought that the death of Jesus was the will of God and Jesus.We believe that Jesus's birth, life ,death and resurection were a part of God's plan to cleanse the sins of man. But the Christians believe in life after death and when they are dead,they will go to heaven with Jesus.In this coursework I will write about what crhistians believed of the death of Jesus its political and religious reasos, and the life after death. I start with the political reasons for Jesus'death.The priets wabted a Messiah who agreed with what they did.Also Jesus arrived in Jerusalem ...read more.


didn't believe that Jesus was really the Son of God so they sentenced him for blasphemy,because a blasphemy is a lie about God.Afterwards,the Romans sentenced Jesus because he said that he was the King of the Jews. Pilate didn't think that Jesus was a really a king but for the dominance of the Roman in the country,it was not a good thing to have a king of the Jews free. Christians today believe wanted to prevent his death he could have done it, but Jesus died because he chose to die.The death and resurection of Jesus are God'plan. Christians believe that Jesus'deathwas the perfect sacrifice for the sins of the world. God gavve his own and unique son to the world,because he loved it so much. ...read more.


The life after death, the death and resurection of Jesus are the main beliefs of the christian religion.The life after death is the next step of the christians life. The christians believe that death and resurection are stronger than everything. For them the death of Jesus is the perfect sacrifice, an offerings made to God, for the sins of the world. In this coursework, we can see that Jesus sacrificed his life to break the barrier between man and God. The political reasons for Jesus'death were that the priests and Romans saw him as more threat then he was peaceful. The life after death is the end but also a new start in the step of all christians life on earth. We can say that if Jesus died it was for religious reasons, for the sins of the world. ...read more.

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