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Explain what Christians believe about: (i) the death of Jesus (ii) life after death

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Suffering, Death & Resurrection Explain what Christians believe about: (i) the death of Jesus (ii) life after death Mark's gospel has been described as a 'Passion narrative with an introduction' because it emphasises the suffering and death of Jesus at the hands of both the Jewish leaders and Pontius Pilate. In the following essay will explore what Christians believe about the death of Jesus Christ. Most Christians believe that Jesus sacrificed his life for us. This means that Jesus died for a reason and that was to free us from sin. In the Old Testament animals are sacrificed to God. The Passover lamb was sacrificed in order to escape from the plague that killed the oldest sons in each family. ...read more.


In the Old Testament covenants were sealed with the killing of a bird. The people would then walk in the middle of the bird that had been cut into two pieces. The Ten Commandments is an example of a covenant. Christians believe that Jesus died in order to bring about a new agreement, which involved people acting in a loving way. The word for this is 'agape' which is Greek. This new covenant was not meant to be written on tablets of stone, but on the hearts of people. Jesus' death showed Christians that he was a man. This is because there were gentiles called docetics who believed that the body was evil and after death the soul could escape from the body and join with god. ...read more.


Some people believe that Jesus died a criminal's death on the cross in order to unite God with his people again. When Jesus died on the cross the curtain in the temple tore in two. This curtain separated God from ordinary people. Only the high priest was allowed access. Christians believe that the tearing of the curtain showed that God was there for everyone. The Greek word for servant is 'diakonoi'. Jesus dies as a servant of god. When Jesus dies the centurion says 'This man was really the son of God'. These were the words of a gentile and as mark was writing for Gentile Christians, these words were important and showed that faith enabled a person to gain entry into the kingdom of God. Jesus' death was a ransom. Jesus paid the price for the sins of the world. Words = 587 Sam Wood 11:4 ...read more.

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