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Explain what christians believe about justice. Explain forgiveness.

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GCSE Religious Studies Coursework Justice and Reconciliation AO1 - Explain what christians believe about justice. Explain forgiveness The Christian teaching of justice is to protect people's basic right as a human, which is stated in the bible as all humans are equal under the eyes of God. This statement means that to Christians justice is the protection of people so they keep equality in life and are protected from those who choose to abuse it. Justice is defined as: "The quality of being just; fairness "The principle of moral rightness; equity"1 There are obvious similarities in the Christian meaning and the state or at least non-religious meaning; this though in the west comes from the basis of western society upon Christian morals. "The Rock, his word is perfect; for all his ways are justice. "A God of faithfulness and without iniquity, just and right is he."2 Christians believe that God is the one who gives the final judgement and who has the final word on their themselves. Jesus also says that those who are put in power are done so by God, this means that God's will is being carried out through the judgement of those in power even if they do not understand. This is illustrated well by the story of Job. ...read more.


It is a belief that is very important in Christianity, this is because God created us in his image and gave us the gift of life which should be cherished and respected. "So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them."3 This also plays a big part in acceptable punishments for murder. These would be punishments that allow reform but would not harm the person. This belief means that capital punishment is not acceptable to a Christian because it disrespects God but also because it degrades the people involved with the execution, making them also effectively murderers. Christians also believe that as God is unconditionally loving, just and fair; it is him who decides what happens to the offender and we have no place to take away a life, the judging should be left to God. A Christian would want the offender to be treated as a human being and not cast away like litter of society. Christians promote reform and forgiveness so they would want the world and the victims to forgive the offender and for the offender to come to terms with their actions. Repentance is an important issue for this to happen because if someone cannot come to terms with what they did, feel for the victims and be truly sorry for their actions then they cannot be helped. ...read more.


This is because people have free will and even in a Christian based society people would still be able to think freely from Christian beliefs. Poverty is another issue that would be tackled as in a truly Christian society people would share what they have with the less fortunate though human nature and freedom of thought could affect this causing people to be unwilling to share and succumbing to greed. A knock-on effect would occur and people may have the need to steal and commit crimes to survive and this would maybe then create a need for a prison again though there would be ways of getting around this. Another way to look at the situation is to see if prisons fit in with Christian ideals which in some ways they do as they allow for reform of offenders but people must sacrifice their freedom as punishment and as a way to gain this opportunity. This takes away what is one of the laws already discussed when God said everyone is equal. Those without freedom of movement are then not equal to others. I feel that rather than saying "there could be no such thing as prison", assuming that everyone in this society were devoted Christians and not just the few heading the society or the laws the statement should be modified to say "there should be no need for such a thing as prison". Matthew Carter ...read more.

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