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Explain what Christians believe about the death of Jesus and life after death.

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R.E Coursework Q1 - Explain what Christians believe about the death of Jesus and life after death " This is my blood which is poured out for many, my blood which seals Gods covenant" Marks Gospel has been described as a 'passion narrative with an introduction'. This is because his gospel focuses on the suffering, death and resurrection of Jesus. The word passion comes from the Greek word 'passio'. In my essay I will explore what Christians, of today and those during the time of the Roman Empire, thought about the death of Jesus the Nazarene. I am going to use quotations from Marks Gospel to support my ideas. Jesus' death brought about many different ideas to both Gentiles and Jews. They both had very different opinions on the death and resurrection of Jesus. The first idea about Jesus' death is that he died as a sacrifice to renew the Jews' relationship with God (Ex 12-16) ...read more.


He prevented another human being from being killed and he gave his life instead. This is an example of love, in Greek love means agape. Jesus' death also meant that God was now at one with everyone, the Jews and Gentiles alike. Jesus' body is like a channel offering the finite and infinite. Jesus tries to unite the people with God through him. The tearing of the curtain in the Holy of Holies shows that God is accessible to all sorts of different people. The Docetics believed that Jesus was not a man but a spirit (Dokein meaning to seem/appear). Jesus was a man though and died a very painful death in which he suffered both mentally and physically. Jesus was flogged, tortured, mocked and spat on and then crucified. He was placed on the cross at 9am and died at 3pm. He also had to carry his cross to Golgotha (place of the skull) ...read more.


When the disciples preached they always said 'the Jesus we speak of has been raised by God, as we can all bear witness'. ( Acts 2:32). Many people were scared of the 'messiah'. They were confused about Jesus and didn't know what to believe. Everyone seemed to have an opinion about Jesus. The zealots expected a great warrior; a great King. When Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey people were shocked and believed Jesus to be another false prophet. They thought that a great 'warrior' would ride on a horse. Christians in the middle ages and today believe/d that God was angry with everyone for their sins and so therefore sent His son to take up His peoples sins and die for them. A debt was paid to God. Another idea is that Jesus' body was a ransom. The price needed to free people from sin. Many Christians found this comment to be untrue as do I. The idea is that only a perfect person could be satisfactory so that's why God gave up his own Son. This theory suggests that God is cruel. ...read more.

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