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Explain what Christians believe about their responsibility for other people.

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R.E. Coursework Alan Gillingwater 11s Question 1 Explain what Christians believe about their responsibility for other people. Christians believe it is part of following their faith, that you should be responsible for other people and this is very important. There are many teachings about this from the church, the Bible and also directly from Jesus himself. Jesus told us how God made everyone in his image and this means that everyone is important and also that everyone is equal in God's eyes no matter what religion they are. This is important as it means that Christians must not ignore other peoples as they indeed have a responsibility for them. Christians believe that this responsibility is something, which must be acknowledged in all facets of life. It is also something which Christians believe is asked of them by God. This is very important because as explained in the parable of the sheep and the goats, how we respect other people is how we respect or don't respect God. ...read more.


Another key catholic authority is Vatican II. The Catholic Church's ideals and dogmas about responsibility for others around the world are similar to the other denominations of the Christian faith. In Vatican II, it explains that Catholics should treat people the same regardless of their sex, race, social class, or indeed religion. This shows how an important Catholic authority teaches Catholic's to have responsibility to not just Christians but other people as well. This responsibility is something which Christian communities feel strongly about so Christian charities have been created. Another point is that when God created people to be the, 'stewards' of Earth in genesis. This shows that we must look after Earth and the different people who live there. An example of the Christian faith taking this responsibility seriously are missionaries who go to countries which are usually non-Christian to help with problems that they may face. The church also holds the view that we should do anything as Christians to help stop suffering or evil in the world and we have the responsibility to do this regardless of the creed of those affected. ...read more.


you are helping him; and in refusing help, you are refusing to help him' Christians of all denominations can also look to people who live or have lived to see the responsibility all Christian people have for other people. Two important examples are Mother Teresa and Oscar Romero. These people helped others regardless of their religion and really showed that we do have a great responsibility for other people and these two figures are role models for how all Christians should act out on this. The Catechism also describes a lot about Christians beliefs about their responsibility for other people. A big part of this responsibility is to show respect for others and this is a major part of the Ten Commandments. Examples of this are, respect your neighbour, do not murder, do not steal, do not lie and do not covet. In the catechism these commandments are for Christians to follow regarding all people not just Christians. Another responsibility Christians have is outlined in the parable of the unmerciful servant. The parable is all about forgiveness and teaches us about forgiveness to other people and this is another part of Christian's responsibility for other people. ...read more.

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