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Explain what Christians believe about their responsibility for other people.

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Explain what Christians believe about their responsibility for other people. (16 marks) Christians today feel they have a big responsibility towards other people. Towards the poor people we see walking the streets of England to the people we see starving and struggling for water abroad. Christians all over the world feel they have a huge part to play in making every part of these peoples lives more enjoyable. From the actions and teachings of Jesus they know that helping people less fortunate than themselves is a very important part of Christian fellowship. From the bible Christians learn a lot from the actions of Jesus. He used to hang about with, and help, the outcasts of society e.g. prostitutes, tax collectors and so on. The fact that Jesus gives these people a helping hand in their lives sets a good example to Christians today. These examples of people that Jesus took under his wing teach Christians in this day and age what they can do to help other people such as giving to charities and letting them no that somebody in the world does care and love for them. ...read more.


Jesus taught Christians many things, all of which inspire Christians today. He taught that you must not put your trust in riches but give to the poor and needy. The story of the Rich Young Man (Mark 10vv 17- 22) who trusted in his riches too much and therefore went to hell is a good example. Christians learn from this that it is important to give money too the less fortunate. They also learn that money should not be put before helping other people and following the Christian belief so therefore feel they have a huge responsibility towards sharing with other people. Sharing is a big part of the Christian belief and Christians can look back to the early church were everything that they owned was put together and shared out equally. Barnabus sold a field he owned and shared the profit that he made with all the other Christians. Today Christians can not afford to share all their money out with the poor people in the world but they can share reasonable amounts with them. ...read more.


Also they are taught that everyone is their neighbour. This means they should love everybody. Not sexually but just caring and generosity. The parable of the Good Samaritan shows this point well. The teachings and actions of the Early Church show a good example too Christians today of how they should help others. They used to put all of their money together and share it out equally, one of them called Barnabus sold a field and shared the money. To Christians today that might be a bad idea. But if they put all of their love and generosity together they could help many people in need and help them get their lives together and sort themselves out. If generosity like this was carried out there would be no one in need and this world would be pleasant to live in. Christians believe they have a big responsibility towards others because Jesus set a good example in helping people in need and outcasts. Christians feel that they must keep the good and caring reputation of Jesus going so carry on today helping the less fortunate. Shane Lowe 10hy R.E Mr. Middlebrook ...read more.

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